Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stats Suck Sunday

It isn't sunny, but we did get a great picture today at the place where we ate brunch today. Thanks to the staff member who volunteered to take it & she even knew where we should stand for best background! She had done this a time or two!
  • Amanda arrived over an hour late Friday night (Sat morning). With the time change, she had been up a really long time. Got back to our house about 2AM. Past everyone's bedtime.
  • Still glad we flew her to a closer airport because we couldn't have gotten back from Seattle without snow tires. 
  • Had a wonderful brunch at The Cave B Winery & Estates at Sagecliffe. The restaurant on property, Tendrils, is open to the public. I do believe we will go back. The menu changes daily. 
  • Yesterday, we drove up to Leavenworth. This is a mountain town that is like a Bavarian village. Ted & I visited here back in November. Ate a wonderful lunch where schnitzel was on the menu! And spaetzle & red cabbage. 
  • Had no luck finding a new ski jacket or boots for Amanda. In a ski town. Go figure!
  • There really wasn't time for Ted & Amanda to make pierogies, so we ate the ones Ted froze Christmas Eve. They were excellent, of course!
  • Tomorrow on the menu is one of Amanda's all time favorites. Mom's Chicken & Dumplings. There is one more outdoor store we will hit in the pursuit of boots. Maybe a mom & daughter pedicure. 
  • Snow also in forecast for tomorrow. Amanda is excited! Tuesday morning will come too quick.
It has been a nice weekend. And I am very full. Still! 


TJ Conwell said...

Praise the Lord that you guys are having a great visit!! Be careful traveling around in that snow ... be blessed.

Paisley said...

That's a great pic! I know you and Ted are excited to have Amanda there. Enjoy your time with her and have some fun times.

Lisa said...

That's a nice picture! Looks cold though. Although, it's only 11 here. I'm so glad you're having a good time with Amanda! Hope she finds the boots she's looking for.

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

Yeah for fun family times =)))))) and you are making me hungry!! It is so nice to see all of you smiling in a picture together.