Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stats Suck Sunday

It's Sunday again. Where did the time go???? Following the lead of the guy who hasn't done a SSS in, well, a really long, I will do bullet points.
  • Amanda comes to the State of Washington for the first time ever on Friday!!
  • I'm gonna guess she isn't going to like my choice of pictures. I could put up a cute baby bath-time one, Amanda!! :)
  • Ted & I will be making our first trip West to Seattle to pick her up. Hope the pass in the Cascades will travel over will not give us any trouble. (Snoqualmie Pass)
  • We have 3 days to fill. Ted is taking off Friday & Tuesday (the day we go back to Seattle to take her to the airport).
  • Saturday she wants to ski jacket & boot shopping. Gee, 2 ski towns. Wonder what we will find! Sales, I hope!
  • Taking her to Leavenworth. The German-like town Ted & I visited a few weeks back. I'm hungry for a braut. They have them on every menu there! And a couple of ski shops, too!
  • Sunday, we are hoping to go here for brunch. Not sure if they are open for brunch in the winter. I'm calling tomorrow. Cave B Winery is on the property for The Gorge amphitheater. You know, where CreationFest is held. And Dave Matthews plays EVERY Labor Day weekend for all 3 days.
  • Monday? Not sure. Will depend on the weather & what we find or don't find on Saturday. Then Tuesday back to Seattle.
  • I know I'm getting excited. And so is she. She says so on her long, lost blog!
  • Many of you have seen my countdown on facebook for the past 10 days or so! :)
  • 70% chance of snow after midnight & all day tomorrow. Don't need my schedule messed with this week! Don't want to have to fit meetings in while Amanda is here.
  • Had a good day today at Area. Am slowly easing back in to Service work. It is so important in recovery to stay up with what's going on around me. With other groups & other members.
  • I don't know about you, but I'm also getting anxious for the Rock and Worship Roadshow dates to appear!! I'm pretty sure they are doing both Spokane & Seattle again this year. We'll see. (soon I hope)
Have a blessed week, my friends. Will try to get a few pics next weekend.


Lisa said...

You HAVE to go to Creation next summer! I grew up going when it was only on the East coast. I tried to go a few summers ago, but it was the ONE year they cancelled due to mud slides. Nice! I'm pretty sure you won't camp, but the concerts are worth it.
I'm excited with you for Amanda coming. I didn't even know she had a blog. I'll have to go check it out.

Schromom said...

I'm so excited Amanda will be with you guys this week! Tell her hello and sorry we missed seeing her when she was here. Have a blessed time with each will go by quickly.