Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday, a little different today

This is a picture of the MercyMe guys last November in Amarillo. One of the earlier trial & error shows getting ready to stream the RAWRS live from a new venue every night. Lots of artists have streamed live before, but not every night from a new spot. With new adventures every day. It started me on a great adventure! Blogging, a facebook page, twitter, and friends from all around the world. Coming together as the Body of Christ. I am so grateful for this one night! Someone wrote recently reminding me that there really is no luck or coincidence in life. It's always, always God. Today's meeting was on gratitude without attitude. The guys above went through such a tragedy yesterday in Ft Wayne, In. I praise God none of them were injured. Where is the gratitude in 2 people in the other vehicle dying & the 35 week old fetus of the driver, who remains in critical condition? These seasons don't always make sense. God doesn't answer us in our time! As I type this iTunes shuffle is playing dc*b's "Never Let Go". Oh, my, goodness! "When clouds brought rain and disaster came". He is there. "ever faithful, ever true". Why can't we be like that. I seem to strive for that and I can do better. Gratitude without attitude.
I have been so melancholy the past few days with the final decision to move to Quincy, Wa. 1600 miles from my home of 27 years. Over half my life! I haven't stopped to say thank-you. And mean it. There is so much to do! 20 years in the same house! Ted & I are organizing our days. What room or closet to tackle when. What to take (we will be downsizing for now), what to store, what to store for Amanda, and what to give to various charities. Downtown Women's Center. Habitat's ReStore. Salvation Army. Sell the house or rent.
Guess I got off-track today with no bullet points! Way off! Started off with the guys above & rambled my way into moving! I can honestly say I am not excited about what the next 3 weeks hold, but I'm getting better. New friends waiting for me to meet. New NA groups. New places to explore. I've already checked the fall concerts out for Washington, N. Oregon, and N Idaho. Maybe meet up with those wonderful peeps from W Wendover, NV in Boise. In November. God is good to me. He has set me up with all kinds of survival tools for those first few days & weeks.
My biggest obstacle now is to find some serenity at leaving my baby! She will be 23 in a month & I will be another 1600 miles further away from her! I know she is "on her own", but it's hard. I don't remember being this melancholy when she went to Germany for a summer! Or when she went to college. Keep me in your prayers. I know they are already working on my heart & my head. So they get on the same page. Love you guys! :)



Lisa said...

Between you and me both being crazy-busy over the next few weeks, twitter should be really quiet. As in crickets chirping quiet. I know it's hard to leave, but I like that you're thinking of it as an adventure. It's a new season. God is in it, and you WILL be blessed through it! Now, I have about a ton of camping laundry to do.

Paisley said...

I didn't know that you had decided to move to Washington. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling but I'll keep you in my prayers.

My heart is still breaking for the MercyMe guys and I know this has to be so hard for them.

Joe Grant said...

Oh WOW! Headed out to Washington. God will bless you guys. He's stinkin' crazy about you and won't give you more than you can handle. Of my 6 moves my bride and I have made in the past 17 years has brought us closer and strengthened our family. We have also learned more and more about how faithful he is and how stinkin' crazy he is about us too. Blessings and peace to you.

mary said...

We would love to have some vhs turtle tapes! Thank you for offering. Do you want me to come by during the garage sale to get them or before?