Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Sorry I haven't posted lately. We have been incredibly busy these past 2 weeks. Amanda came home for 1 1/2 days to sort through things. Brought and empty suitcase & then took a carry-on from us. Both crammed full of clothes & other belongings. Her other request was to take pictures in front of her house. So we did. We have the most wonderful neighbors. Both retirees. Husband loves photography. He's pretty darn good. He has taken probably half our Christmas card pics over the 20 years in our home. On to bullet points.
  • Packers come on Wednesday. Estimated 2 days to pack.
  • Movers come Friday to load our belongings and the Tahoe. The Tahoe will be full of plants! Can't leave those! Some are going to good homes.
  • Not looking forward to the 1700 mile ride. The scenery, yes. Doing it in 2 days, not so much.
  • Downsizing is hard! All the closets are empty, except for our bedroom & the coat closet.
  • Garage sale was Thursday & Friday. We had an amazing turn-out. Even on Thursday (not a traditional day). Made our travel money.
  • Renting a storage unit tomorrow. Haven't found a babysitter for the piano, yet. The dining room stays here. We are moving into a 3 BR duplex. 1500 sq ft (from 2300). Don't want to sell the DR set.
  • Am going to my last Amarillo NA mtg today. It's getting hard to say good-bye.
  • My home group took me to lunch Friday. It was great! 9 of us. I have pics, but someone (me) accidentally threw away the cord from the camera that had the USB on it. It has a memory stick that works on the laptop, but am not on it! Both my sponsors were there (my 1st relapsed, but is still a great woman in recovery).
  • A friend who moved a few months ago was in town & came, too. Then he paid for everyones lunch! I knew there was a reason I missed him!
  • Yesterday was Unity Day. There is an NA World convention every 2 years. This year it was in Barcelona, Spain. Unity Day has been going on since 1993. It is where you can hook into the last night's meeting & speakers. We did that yesterday! It was unbelievable to listen to the readings in 8 different languages! There were over 100 hook-ups! From India to Australia. From Hawaii to Iran. From Egypt to Washington. From El Paso to Guatemala. Amazing. Simply amazing.
  • Keep us in prayer. We are tired & sore. But, we keep on keepin' on.
  • Ted starts work in 10 days! Yeah!
OK, I'm tired of typing & have a lot to do. Not sure when I'll post again. I'll try with the laptop if I can find wi-fi in our travels. Love you guys! This pic says it all. Can you see the tear drops on my post.


Pokinatcha said...

Oh my goodness! That last picture is a heartbreaker! It brought a tear to my eyes!

Lisa said...

It's so hard to say goodbye! It'll be ok. Maybe something amazing is on it's way for you guys! Just remember that you're taking me with you! That's one of the best things about internet buddies. You don't have to leave them behind if you move :)

Schromom said...

I know it's hard to say goodbye to the only home you've known for so many years. A lot of great memories are there. Just know a house is just a house and you two are where Amanda will find home again. We will be praying for your safe travel and good rest when you arrive at your new place. God bless you guys! (I haven't had any success with a place for the piano yet, sorry)

Paisley said...

I was about to cry just reading this. I'll definitely keep all of you in prayer. I agree with Lisa, you are taking along all of your online friends.

mary said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your scenic new home! I heard that you were able to rent out the Amarillo house - woohoo! I know that it will take some time to adjust, but I really believe that you are going to bloom wherever God takes you.

Pastor TJ Conwell said...

Praying for you as always; thankfully you've been able to keep us updated on Twitter. How are things going? Has that smell of boxes started to clear out of the house yet? Bless you.

bryan said...

Praying for you. Hope your travels are safe.
Go Steelers!