Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Today marks my niece's 1 year anniversary! They are busy moving into a new town & house. She is a basketball coach & now will be teaching 5th grade math. They are so cute! Say hello to Cody & Nicole Chapman. Now for the rest in bullets.
  • We drove to my brother's last Friday to borrow his pick-up so we could move Amanda's stuff that was put in storage in Waco after graduation. She moved into her new apartment on Saturday. Went well, but it was oh so hot & humid! She is all settled. And in her own bed again!
  • She has made great friends already. Met 3 of them last weekend. Didn't stay for church Sunday since we needed to return pick-up to my brother.
  • On the ride down to my brother's we decided not to take the job in Washington. I would expand my search to include most of Texas, then Ted find a job second. It is such a hassle to reciprocate my license. Plus about $1000 non-refundable cash before I even know if they will accept me with my license on probation. They still want us to come, so they called licensing people & had them call me. Still a lot of "what ifs".
  • I have a phone interview with Target for a job in the Dallas area on Tuesday morning. Also, hopefully with Kroger for the same area.
  • I hate being in the not-knowing. I know this a test of surrender & faith. It's still hard. Same community for 25+ years. Same house for 20. Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant, and Bebo Norman here on November 7th.
  • Am filling in for a friend who is a pharmacist at a rehab hospital here. Thursday & Friday. A little different that what I'm used to,but excited all the same. Dealing with Drs & nurse's vs customers. I've done that, but it's been about 10 years. Pray!
  • Working will mess with my unemployment, so pray for a rapid paper trail. Thankfully, my unemployment was extended under the Emergency stimulus stuff. Obama's not all bad. It's a morsel compared to our normal income, but it's been such a blessing.
That's long enough. Got to get back into step-work on this lazy afternoon. Or maybe another chapter of "Crazy Love". Francis Chan writes from the Spirit within. He makes the hard stuff easier. I read a sentence or two & it's like "duh! I knew that!". Will keep you all updated.



Schromom said...

I am glad to know there are other options besides Washington! I'll be praying for a perfect "TEXAS" job for you. I hate the "not-knowing" also but you can be excited that things are happening in the Spirit realm. God's not wringing his hands wondering what to do with Ted and Shelly! :-)

Lisa said...

I'm in that place of not knowing too, and it's not an easy place to be sure. This trip has been just what I've needed to gain some clarity! Let's just hope going home doesn't muddy the waters ;)

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

I am glad you now have a decision so that you can step into a place of confidence again.