Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

I am writing a post! I am at Starbucks. Again. Internet service is a process here. It's under the "Public Utility District". We are in a fiberoptics area, but will take up to 30 days for equipment. So confusing. On to bullet points. Quick because I just missed kick-off.

  • The pic above was snapped from the stage at The Gorge. 10 miles S of Quincy. You know, where there was a little festival in August. Hawk, dc*b, and the like. What a background! We were there for a Chamber of Commerce event.
  • Attendance at said festival was way down this year. From 20,000 to about 11,000. We spoke with the caretaker for a while. He's from Calgary. He's been caretaker since they built it 20 years ago.
  • Dave Mathews recorded one of his live CD's here. He was just here for the 10th Labor Day weekend in a row. He played all 3 days. No, I didn't go.
  • Almost completely unpacked. In less than 2 weeks. Finally becoming a home. Pictures going up. Plants adjusting.
  • Even have a bed for visitors (Amanda) put up. Small, but comfortable.
  • Miss having the internet daily.
  • Miss reading other blogs.
  • It is absolutely beautiful here. Even without the trees & mountains. But, they are very, very close.
  • Oldest step-daughter & Amanda are already looking at ski venues in our area. Quite a few within an hour.
  • Been visiting various NA groups. Still haven't found a home group or a new sponsor. It's only been 3 weeks. Even attended an area meeting already. Can you say service?
  • Did I mention I miss reading blogs?
Time to head back for the game. Already missed kick-off. Maybe next week. Don't know.


Lisa said...

I've missed your online presence! We need to text more.
So glad you are unpacked and making your new place a home. We haven't had a showing in 3 weeks, so I don't think we'll be doing any packing anytime soon. It's all good though.

Pastor TJ Conwell said...

I have truly missed your postings as well and am glad to see that you are "almost back" to normal (who knew internet connections could be so difficult)!! Bless you my friend, my best to the whole family.

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

It is amazing how much we connect via this random thing called the internet isn't it? I am glad things are getting into a settled mode for you and you are getting out to meetings looking for a home. Good thing we have twitter or just think how disconnected we would feel!