Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

This is a picture looking West as I drop into the Basin driving to Wenatchee. I love this drive. I make it 3 to 4 times a week. A lady the other day said it was a boring drive. It's anything, but. The beauty of God's hand is EVERYWHERE. And it's awesome. Well, it's Sunday and I'm at Starbucks, but need to get home for kickoff.
  • Still no internet. Hopefully in next week. Don't understand the wait for equipment just because I have fiber-optics. Anyone have an answer?
  • Amanda wanted to try & fly here for the weekend. She had Sat, Sun off for ACL (Austin City Limits) and then got Mon, Tues off. Her dad told her to wait til there was snow so she could ski, too. :(
  • Been here 5 weeks. Wow.
  • Just need to purchase some garage shelving to put last of boxes away. Stacked in office for now.
  • Movers came back & picked up the broken-down boxes this week. About 70 of them. Boy is there room in the garage now.
  • Would love to go to Seattle in 2 weeks to see dc*b, but it just isn't gonna work. :(
  • Need to get an EDL (Enhanced driver's license). It works like a passport at the border when traveling by ground. (not air travel). We are about 3 hours from the Olympics. The ski resort in Wenatchee is the practice mountain for the Olympics.
  • Finally fall here. Cooler temps & lots of apple orchards being picked. Lots of apples. Everywhere. They are wonderful!
  • Someone brought fresh raisins to the clinic. They are so sweet, they taste like they are chocolate-covered.
  • Be back soon on a daily basis. Have missed a lot, I know
Have a blessed week. :)


Paisley said...

Sounds like it is lovely there.

Lisa said...

I've never been that far west. Looks very nice there. I hope your internet gets up and running soon too. It hasn't been the same without you!

Joe Grant said...

Good to cyber see you. Glad that move in sounds complete. I am expanding my search area. Potentially back to Texas - depends on jobs. Texas lost you guys, maybe it will gain me back! (I hope not, but God will show us.)