Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Made the trip to Wenatchee to Starbucks. For free internet. On a Sunday. With a headache, here are some random thoughts on a Sunday.
  • Hope we get internet this week.
  • Only drove today to file unemployment payment request. *sigh*
  • Am going to take a 3 day Career Assessment in November so I can talk to a "SkillSource" trainer. To see if unemployment might help me with my reciprocity fees.
  • It's $330 to file app & $185 for the law exam. And a 7 hour course for HIV/AIDS. And a birth certificate. And transcripts.
  • Finally have a new sponsor. She is a drug & alcohol counselor with the State. She has 20+ years clean.
  • Amanda climbed a real outdoor rock wall. Never done it before. Her adrenaline level was thru the roof yesterday!
  • dc* b was in Seattle (Federal Way) last night. And Spokane tomorrow night.
  • Cross-stitching a Snowman family out cutting their Christmas tree. Big, 11 x 14. Lots to keep me busy when I'm not getting my 4 meetings a week in.
  • Ted's making dinner, so I better run.
We'll talk soon. :)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Soon as in tomorrow! I'll be so happy to keep up with you more when you have your internet back. Hold your head up and keep on dancin'!