Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Can't decide on a picture for today. Cold & dreary would describe today. The rest in bullet points.
  • WE ARE ON THE INTERNET HIGHWAY AT HOME!!! It was a long 7 weeks without internet. I never dreamed I would tire of Starbucks! I think had there been somewhere in Quincy with free wi-fi, I wouldn't have grown so tired.
  • Steelers won. Beating the undefeated Vikings and the Great Brett Favre. WOO HOO!
  • TJ is representing the BlogNation faithful tonight in Montgomery. And this afternoon at the tweet & greet.
  • Hooked up our old scanner yesterday. It took a few tries. Something about a "twain" driver. Thanks to Canon for having such a great website for their older hardware.
  • Now realizing how badly I need an external hard drive. Down to 1%. Defrag program won't even run with that little bit of space left. It's always something.
  • Ted enjoying his new job. Staying busy.
  • Trying to decide where to go for our next day trip.
  • The smell of apples is fading as the pickers finish the last of the orchards. This is amazing produce country. I thought it was Cali & S Texas. Not Central Washington.
Everyone have a great Monday. :)


Lisa said...

I like the new fall look of your blog! Glad Ted is enjoying his new job, and you're keeping busy. Are you making new friends?

Toby said...

WOOOHOOOO Steelers!!

Quincy, IL?? I

TJ Conwell said...

OK, so I'm behind in reading blogs and just catching up. Thanks for the "shout out" on representing BlogNation -- truly it was an excellent night of worship!! Cannot wait for the next opportunity ....