Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Another Sunday has zoomed in. A very long week.
  • Listening to Jars of Clay's "Redemption Songs". That kind of day.
  • Spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings at SkillSource in Moses Lake. All to get a job "trainer". Hoping it will lead to financial help with app fees for reciprocity. SkillSource is separate from Unemployment and federally funded for retraining of people back to the workforce. Appt with trainer Thursday.
  • Applied for and got a WA license. Picture leaves a lot to be desired! Ha! Also got 1 vehicle registered.
  • Have enjoyed visiting with friends around the world while listening to the Mercyme fall tour with Tenth Ave North & Jonny Diaz. Fee played the 1st few venues, but had Passion commitments, so TAN joined up this week. Neat bunch of guys.
  • Stupid blogspot is messing with my font size today. Have to reset with every new bullet.
  • Made a chocolate cake yesterday. Had the layers cooling on the rack. Zipper from hoodie caught rack & when I turned? Yes, the cake hit my clean floor! Rescued most & repaired with frosting. But,I'm out of Wet Jet pads. Of course.
  • Still no snow this low, but am seeing a little more each day on the Cascades to the West. I know Amanda is itching to come visit.
  • Amanda starts a 2nd job with Gymboree. She loved working there in Waco. She quit only because it was interfering with school. She actually knows the lady who is manager at the store she will be at. She is hoping for a permanent, FT position. She loves the spa, but if she can get back into retail, I think she will enjoy it more.
  • Finally hung the last of the pictures. Still have a dishpack full of pics that didn't make the cut! Ted still needs to hang sports stuff in the hall bath & home "office".
  • I am still stuck on Step 4. All the resentments. Some seem too trivial to write down, but if I hang on to them, that part of me will not heal. So many "open cuts". Hanging on is adding salt to the wound! I don't want that. Ironic that "Hiding Place"is playing right now! Thanks, Dan (JOC lead singer). With God as my cushion, I will persevere. It's a soft place to land. Right in His arms. Thank goodness.
Have a blessed week. :)


Lisa said...

I need more coffee. I read that last point and kept re-reading it thinking, "What happened on Sept. 4 and why is she stuck there?" Duh! It said step 4. Like I said, more sleep or coffee is needed. Have a good day, and I hope to see you tonight on the chat screen. I'm taking my laptop with and hoping I can get on at some point.

TJ said...

I am actually jealous my friend. We have lived in our house for more than a year and there are STILL pictures that have not seen the smooth part of a wall yet!! So happy you got everything settled and as for that dishpack -- ya know the rule .... if it doesn't get used in a year out it goes! :-)