Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

I know it's been a while. What's up with me?
  • Took this yesterday. Turned out not so bad. At least from an old digital camera with few bells & whistles.
  • We drove 90 min west into the real beginning of the Cascades to a town called Leavenworth. It is all things Bavarian. From the McDonalds sign to the Wells Fargo sign.
  • Even people in some of the shops were dressed German style.
  • There are so many shops. Lots of people.
  • Even horse & carriage rides. (we didn't do that)!
  • We both had bratburgers. They were really good. So many food establishments. Many had traditional German fare. Yet, we could have chosen Mexican or Italian, too.
  • It was very foggy here when we left, but only partly cloudy up there. Not as much snow as I expected, but it's early. Heard a shopkeeper mention that the snow pattern has changed alot over the past 50 years. Not as much snowfall anymore. Not sure what "not as much" is.
  • Steelers play today with 3rd stringer, Dennis Dixon. Big Ben out with headaches from last weeks concussion. Charlie Batch broke his hand on the 1st play in for Ben. Don't feel a woo hoo coming on. :(
  • Ole Miss went down to MS State in the annual Egg Bowl. Baylor actually gave Tech a run for their money in Arlington at the new Cowboy Stadium. But, in the end....
  • Off to a PR gathering this afternoon. Helping to light a fire under some groups that seem to be struggling.
  • Oh, and time to try & put tree up. Ted finally has all the parts for the shelves we bought from a friend. So he's going to put those together in the garage & sort through what comes in for Christmas decorations.
Well, I'm off to get ready for my short road trip to Moses Lake. Everyone have a blessed day. :)


Schromom said...

I thought of you guys during the Baylor game last night and Kristin has updated me on Miss Amanda over the weekend. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving despite not having her there. Keep up the blogging so know how you guys are doing. Miss you!

Pokinatcha said...

I still think that's a really cool picture!

Lisa said...

I've been so busy I am just now getting to read your Sunday post. How sad is that? I hope you were able to get your tree up. I'm wondering with all the showings we've been having if it's even worth hauling out all the Christmas stuff. Just call me Grinch.