Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Since I haven't posted in a few days and it's my blog, I'm going to combine SSS & PPT. And the above pic can be for Wordless Wednesday! Thru my dirty windshield, way in the distance, about the center (looks like a cloud) is Mt Ranier with snow on top. Took my breath away & it's still way further west than I was on Sunday. God's Glory is all around us. Close or in the distance. No matter! These peaks are starting to "pop" with the snow on top. Wow!
Here's my past couple of days in bullets:
  • Went west to Ellensburg, Wa Sunday for an NA Area meeting. It's a business meeting of all the groups in our area. Worked on Area in the Panhandle. Now, I'm just observing. It is a huge group compared to Amarillo!
  • Ted stayed home & watched football. Steelers were on a bye week.
  • Yesterday & today (and tomorrow) I have spent the mornings at the SkillSource office in Moses Lake (35 mi). I am hoping for assistance with my reciprocity fees & law exam fees. To be assigned a trainer you have to do this 3 day thing. I hate it, but I have learned a few things. Keeping a positive attitude about me is #1.
  • After "class" I went to the DMV to get an Driver's License. In WA they have an Enhanced DL. It works like a passport at half the cost & it fits in your wallet. No good for flying, but by land or sea. Mexico, Canada, the Bermudas, and much of the Caribbean. Only problem? Only place within 100 miles is 30 mi the other way from Quincy. Got regular license & can upgrade for $15. Already established residency.
  • Oh, and it took 2 hrs! Did register to vote while there.
  • Got license plates for car. Will do Tahoe in 2 weeks. Got insurance moved over and got Renters insurance.
  • Guess that means I'm staying! Ha!
  • Excited about all the new releases today! From Steven Curtis Chapman to Shane & Shane to Pocket Full of Rocks. Can't afford everyone today. SCC will stream live from his FB page tonight at 9PM CST. Also, Paul Balouche released a great worship CD today..
Ok. All caught up. I think. Be Blessed.

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Lisa said...

That chat room for SCC was crazy! Glad you are getting settled there in Washington. Mountains are amazing. I've never been to Washington, but Colorado was just so beautiful!