Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Today is Sunday & I haven't done a post in 2 weeks. I've been thinking a lot about this blog. I'm not doing what I wanted to when I started a year ago. I am seeing a new direction, but I need to pray for a little clearer vision. Or maybe I'm supposed to just take that step. But, it's Sunday, so keep it light, right?
  • We worked it out & Amanda is coming to visit on Jan 8th. 3 1/2 whole days. I'm excited. She's excited. Flying here on Alaska Airways & back on Southwest. Cheap. Both prices went down at least once before she booked. In a 3 day span. God was helping us watch our pennies.
  • I made the above stocking for Amanda's 2nd Christmas. I started it before her 1st, but didn't get it finished.
  • She has no idea, but it is filled & on the way to my brother's. She is going to spend next Sunday with them for a family Christmas. It's been several years since spending the Holiday with them. She'll have gifts from Mom & Dad to open. She doesn't know that, though. Stocking box is for Christmas morning.
  • Will post pics next week of the big item we had made for her. Just in case she comes to read this. Whoops! Guess if she does, she has no idea what!
  • She sent our gifts the other day. She & her roommate, Allison, did a joint card. 2 cute pics. One from move-in weekend, the other a professional shot. With Allison's little fur-ball, Sophie, who does not sit still!
  • I'm trying not to be lonely this Christmas. I do have so much to be thankful for. It's hard to give up traditions, though.
  • Amanda has already warned her dad that they will be making pierogies. In our small little kitchen. Just a couple of weeks late!
Been thinking a lot this week about winners. Winners in life. Winners in recovery. We are all winners when we are carrying the message of God's Son who came to us in a miraculous birth some 2000 years ago! Heard a great sermon this morning via streaming internet from Table Rock Fellowship in Medford, OR. Isaiah's vision of what the birth of Jesus will be like. How un-royal-like it will be. Even though He will be a Prince. The things the prophets of the Old Testament foretold never really clicked for me like this sermon did this morning. Awesome stuff.


Lisa said...

I've been fighting loneliness big time this week. This morning our Pastor said that if you have Christ, and that is your starting point, you already have a wonderful life. While I rolled my eyes (figuratively, not literally) it made me think of Bart singing "Because He Lives." It's true. Why is it so hard to believe sometimes?
So glad that Amanda gets to come see you, if only for a few days! Enjoy it!

Schromom said...

We will miss seeing Amanda this Christmas....probably our first :-( I pray God will bless you with sweet surprises that will compensate for all the loneliness you might feel. You and Ted have a great Christmas now....the Schroders!

Joyful said...

Stumbled upon your blog and appreciate your openness and sharing. Sometimes we feel so alone, yet He is always by our side, ready to comfort us.

I have inlaws in Medford. When we visit we go to the Calvary Chapel there - Applegate.

If you enjoy cross stitching, I would like to invite you to visit my website where most of the designs feature Bible verses. There is a free design called "His Name is Jesus" that has blessed many.

Keep being a "Light".