Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Last SSS for 2009. So I decided to show off one of my new Radko ornaments to celebrate. Had to send away to Texas to get it. The closest place here was out of them. The little gold sparkly thing with colored balls right below Snowtime '09 was what I used instead of garland. They are little sticks & there are 2 dozen of them stuck all over the tree.
Back to the SSS!
  • I made it through the weekend without crying! I've never had such a "small" Christmas. Just the 2 of us.
  • Ted had to break in a new trainee for pierogie making this year! We made a pretty good team, but I think Amanda & Ted are better at it! She comes in 12 days and wants to do it, too. Dad just wants her to relax. We'll just have to see who wins out!
  • The pierogies were great! Had some great Cod filets and fresh green beans. I made Chocolate Chess pie for dessert. Yum.
  • Christmas Day Ted made a prime rib roast & mashed potatoes. I made broccoli souffle. Again. Yum.
  • Went to see Avatar. It was pretty good. I saw Medicine Man meeting Lord of the Rings. It's been interesting to see other people try to describe it.
  • Steelers won on another poor performance. Not looking like the Super Bowl 20o9 Champs. At all. So little change in team dynamics, so where is last season's team?
  • Found out I don't qualify for any help with my licensing fees from unemployment. Beats me. Seems if I'm still on unemployment after a year & I'm not working & they need pharmacists, they would want me OFF unemployment & in the workforce.
  • Amanda LOVED her quilt and her Santa care package! She was glad Santa knew enough to use the USPS to deliver some of his gifts!
  • Have I mentioned she's coming to visit for 3 1/2 days in 12 days? Praying for great weather. Meaning I want the passes to be clear between here & Seattle!
It was a hard week, but God kept my spirit full & content. I'm so blessed to have found such a great network of friends over the past year!


Kelly (race_12_1) said...

I like snowmen-and that sure is a cute one. Glad your Christmas was good-glad Amanda is coming to visit =))))))

Lisa said...

The ornament is lovely! I'm so glad that Amanda is going to be able to spend some time with you.

TJ Conwell said...

What a great ornament! I know ya'll are looking forward to the visit with Amanda, praying for good weather for ya'll as well! BTW, we loved the Christmas card and we are stealing that and doing a family card next year ... ha ha. Poor stuff again by our Steelers, I just continue to shrug my shoulders Shellie ... I've got no answers anymore on why they are this way. I expect Neil O'Donnell or Bubby Brister to play next week.

Mary said...

I know you are sooooo excited about seeing your sweet girl. We have a bridesmaid dress for her to try on - should I just mail it to her? Have a very happy New Year!