Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Positive Post Tuesday

This was me. May 1975. Graduating from Alliance High School. Alliance, NE. Wow! 35 years ago. I was always the "goody-two-shoes". Never did the keggars. Nor the pot parties. None of it. Didn't interest me. I stayed busy with things like drama, band, UIL-type stuff, and watching my 2 younger brothers. 

So who would have guessed that you are looking 30 years down the road & finding this girl addicted to pain killers & muscle relaxants? Yup, that's me. Addict-girl. And thankfully in recovery! Today I celebrate with 1000 days! One of the first people to greet me some 2 1/2+ years ago was a guy who was close to 1000 days. I remember counting them down with him. And how awesome, yet far away that seemed. And I am there. Praying that someone else in the rooms where I share my recovery hears my story. Hears my recovery. Sees my recovery in action. Gets excited that someone has reached 1000 days! 

Some 3 years ago, I was in talks with my licensing board about penalties & help. I was also preparing for my third back surgery (yes, third). I was devastated that I was looking at treatment after I healed from surgery. What would it entail? What would the stigma be like? I was so ashamed of my behavior! 

 Although this is not a very good picture (last minute phone pic) this is who helped me turn my life around. Charlie M. He ran the IOP (Intensive Out-patient Treatment) I went to for treatment. 4 nights a week for 5 weeks. Unless you don't do your homework & then maybe longer! I graduated on time! Whew!

I went in to this treatment thing an angry woman. Had only negativity going on. I hated everyone for what they had done to me! Talk about not taking responsibility for my actions! Charlie is a gentle giant full of recovery. And lots of patience. He actually told me some time later that on that 1st night, he figured me for someone who would do only the minimum requirements for my licensing board & then I would be done. I didn't set out to prove him, or anyone else, that I could do more. God just laid on my heart that I needed to be a beacon of hope for others. I love my 12 step program! Not only for my 1000 days of recovery, but for my renewed belief and love for God. He was really the one who brought me through. I give Him all the praise. 

It has been an amazing journey. Just one day at a time. No more. And tomorrow, God willing, I will have 1001 days.