Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thoughts on a Sunday

Today is such an awesome day to celebrate the Living God. To celebrate with excitment, joy, & hope for our salvation. To share that excitement, joy, & hope with others. To "restate the obvious". No matter the packaging, the message is ALWAYS the same and to never forget what that message is. It never changes. Never.
  • Enjoying the 3 days Amanda is home. She has slept in every day.
  • 30 days til graduation (woo hoo)
  • She hasn't been home since Christmas & had very little she really wanted to do. (she was home for D-now at church, but wasn't home)
  • She's glaring at me to hurry up so she can get on the laptop (hers is in her room!).
  • We ate a wonderful brunch at a local restaurant. They cooked eggs benedict & omlettes to order (we all had the eggs benedict). The buffet had several meat dishes, fruit, b'fast meats, potatoes, and desserts. As we left Amanda said she wasn't overfull, but a "happy full"!
  • Graduation is in 30 days!
  • She has an interview in Dallas tomorrow. It is on her way back to Waco, sort of. It's out in Richardson.
  • Still no job for me either, but I have to maintain the faith. I can with the prayers of friends.
  • Had thunderstorms yesterday. We have been behind on moisture, even with a foot of snow 2 weeks ago.
  • Only 4 Roadshows remain. :(
  • Amanda wants a set of golf clubs for graduation. Her dad is thrilled!
What a great day. We just need to remember that church is not a once a week deal. It's 24/7. Be blessed each day this week.


Evan said...

Sad that theres only 4 Roadshows left.. Oh, and you said Graduation is in 30 days twice - hah.

Paisley said...

I know you are glad to have Amanda there and looking forward to her graduation. I know your hubby is excited about the golfing and needs to start looking for her a nice set of golf clubs. :)

I'm sad that the RAWRS will be winding down soon. But excited too, that they will be doing it again next year. Hopefully, I will get to go to show then.

Happy Easter! He is risen!

Lisa said...

So glad you got to spend some time with Amanda this weekend. So that's why you were going to the golf store! I'm sad that the RAWRS is almost over too. It would be so cool if we could do a RAWRS reunion sometime through the summer! Everyone meet up in Nashville maybe...we'll work on it.
I continue to pray for you and your job situation. Keep trusting Him!

Katherine said...

Ooh, I love the Nashville idea-Nashville rocks!!

So glad you had such an enjoyable weekend with Amanda-she sounds like such a great girl! Praying for all of our job situations-hope something comes through soon! :)