Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

I let myself have a yucky week. I didn't even write a post for PPT. It is beyond my understanding when I make the choice to be miserable. I would much rather be full of joy. People around me would certainly appreciate it! I'll try to keep today's post positive to make up for not writing on Tuesday!
  • We had 12 inches of snow on Friday. It is not unusual for this area. All 30 some counties in the Texas Panhandle have had burn bans in effect for months. The driest winter I can remember in my 28 years here. The kicker? It was 70 on Thursday & up to 70 today! Crazy panhandle weather.
  • I have yet to miss a Roadshow broadcast. Check the link for days & times. It streams live every date on ustream. I never tire of the songs or the message.
  • We got up to 260 or so at one time in the Roadshow's chat room. With the variety of bands on the line-up, there is also more traffic during the stream. Younger traffic. Impatient younger traffic. Was I ever like that? (absolutely!)
  • These children have tried my patience. I want them to go away, but then that wouldn't be very good for my spirit. I think the lesson for me is to be patient. Jesus did not turn away a single person who was seeking Christ and neither should I.
  • I am going to the Roadshow in Dallas on Friday. And maybe the show in OKC on Saturday. Am supposed to meet a couple of people I have met through the MM concerts when they streamed live last fall. I'm kind of excited. My husband & daughter think I've lost my mind! It's really a trip to refuel my mind.
  • I'm still debating about whether or not to spend time making a t-shirt for the Roadshow. It is part of a contest. You get backstage passes and good seats. For free. It is recommended the the shirt be done in puffy paint to please the judge, Mike, from 10th Ave North. Ha, ha.
  • I continue to thank God for my newest friends. What a blessing this guy is for bringing great concerts for FREE on the worldwide web! People who love me (even over the internet). Accept me and don't judge me. Kinda like the peeps at NA. I am not worthless. I have value and love giving back what was so freely given to me. Amen!
Time to do a few more thing before the show starts tonight. :)


Lisa said...

Of course we love you! I am trying to choose to have a good day, even though it feels the entire universe is against that happening. I really need tonight's show! I heard that Sylvia is mailing her shirt to you. You may not have to make one! Talk to you later.

Paisley said...

I contacted Ustream to see if they could add an "ignore" button to the chat. Not sure if they will or not but it never hurts to ask. It certainly would be a handy button to have, we could ignore kids and spammers. It would also help me for when the chat gets so fast I can't keep up.

I wish Dallas wasn't so far away it would be fun to meet up and go to the concert together.

You were never worthless and you are loved. I am so grateful to be able to call you "my friend".

Anonymous said...

Hey! I got here via Brody and thought I'd comment. I liked the post.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely loved and appreciated my are real and faithful and encouraging...
Everyday I wake up and ask the Lord to " be my authority' today. It has helped me to focus on who is in charge.