Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Today is Mother's Day. So much to be thankful for. To me every day of my life since my daughter was born is Mother's Day! I am blessed with such an awesome child. Getting teary-eyed just thinking about the past 22 Mother's Days! Here are my random thoughts for a Sunday:
  • Daughter graduates from Baylor on Saturday afternoon. It seems like she just graduated high school!
  • Daughter got job offer on Friday. Will accept tomorrow. Neat place to start out! Not what she imagined, but it is where God wants her right now.
  • We will drive down on Thursday. Going a little out of the way & staying with brother & family Thursday night. Time for a visit without some function to interrupt the conversation. Will go on to Waco Friday.
  • She will start work 2 days after graduation. Not a lot of time! Hopefully she will sublease for the summer & have a few weeks to find a place of her own. She's already thinking ahead.
  • Spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon at a Regional meeting of NA. First one I've attended. We are in a huge (sq miles wise) region. In West Texas it's like from "sea to shining sea". Only without the sea.
  • NA's 12th tradition states: "Principles (spiritual) before personalities". I think some folks tend to forget that! I know that when I run on self-will, things don't get done as well. That's the way such meetings should be; NOT run on a bunch of self-wills. Oh, well.
  • Daughter gave me a 5 hour "mini spa day". It includes facial, pedicure, manicure, lunch, & more! I've never had a pedicure or a facial. I'm pretty excited. Wish she could come & go with me.
  • Still no job. Got a couple of calls to make tomorrow. One I interviewed with a year ago, but because of the blip on my license, they wouldn't even give me a chance.
  • It's been a quiet day. That's the way I like it.
  • Really want to see "Star Trek". Didn't have time this weekend. Amanda saw it & loved it. She's not familiar with the original series, so I think that says alot about the writers. They bridged the gap somehow. Said it's a little long. For me that means getting squirmy & uncomfortable the last hour. I still want to go.

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Paisley said...

A "mini day spa" is an awesome gift. For my birthday a few years ago my son got me a gift certificate for a full body massage and a facial. I loved it!

I haven't seen Star Trek yet either but everyone I know that has seen it says its very good.

I know you are so proud of Amanda, it is such an exciting time for her.