Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Today is Sunday & that means following this guy's suggestion. Since no one reads blogs on Sunday, the numbers game is down. I have found it doesn't matter the day, my numbers always disappoint me a little. I really do find it cathartic at times, so numbers aren't really what I'm after.

  • It has been cool & cloudy for 3 days. Hardly any rain. If you are going to be cloudy, produce something sky!
  • Countdown to graduation. 13 days & counting. Now if she could just find a job....
  • Wish I were on a plane, on my way to the Music Boat. Sure are a bunch of tweeps going. Sounds like a fun time. So much food on a cruise. Simple to elegant.
  • Got to see pics of Brody's gift from the Blog Nation faithful. Mike Donehey's (of Tenth Ave North) Dad made us proud when he met up with Brody at the Doves. Thanks, Mr D.
  • Was absent last Sunday. Was in Austin for a mandatory seminar. Didn't have access to a computer. It was a long road trip. I drove by myself Saturday. Attended seminar Sunday morning. Drove to brother's house an hour from Austin to visit & stay the night. Drove rest of the way home Monday.
  • It was good to visit without a reason. No graduation. No wedding. Just us. Watched me a little NASCAR. Will see them again at graduation.
  • Also, worked 3 days week before last. At pharmacy I was laid off from. The other 2 pharmacists went to a "shot" clinic CE. It was great to see friends & catch up. Co-workers & customers alike.
  • May have another recovery-based project to work on with the advocate overseer. Would include dentists & pharmacists.
  • Need to do a little cleaning. The lady who helps me every 2 weeks is with her mother who is in the last stages of cancer. My range of motion & pain level don't like cleaning. I will keep it light.
Guess that's all this week. (actually, the last 2 weeks). Hubby gone to coach his softball team from work. Think he wishes he had a least 1 ringer! He wants try-outs for next years team. Ha! Have a blessed week.


Evan said...

Yay! You posted a SSS this week! I wish I could be on the Music Boat too.. with Matthew West and MercyMe.. and everyone else. That'd be cool..

Paisley said...

It has rained almost every day here in the past week and they are talking as if its gonna be the same next week.

I know you are excited about graduation, its such an important milestone in her life. I wish I were on a plane going to the Music Boat too. I know Lisa is going but who are some of the other tweeps going?

I understand about cleaning, my house could use a really good cleaning. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. Its hard to work full time, run errands and kept up with all that needs to be done at home. Sometimes I just have to ignore the dust and go on. :)