Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Sunday has rolled around again. I didn't even get a Positive Post Tuesday up. I have turned into a slacker. I don't want to be a slacker! So here's a Sunday post:
  • Enjoyed a Third Day concert from Slovakia online yesterday! It was a little choppy, but still. I've never seen them live before, but been a fan for a long time.
  • No chat room, but several of we die-hards tweeted the whole time.
  • No job prospects for husband or myself. Trying to stay positive. To be anything else is thumbing my nose at my faith & trust in God and His plans for us.
  • Have enjoyed spending several days in the backyard. Reading, doing step-work, just relaxing. Today was too warm & then we had a shower about 5:30. Hoping tomorrow can be a repeat.
  • Furniture in living room stacked due to having ceilings painted. He started Friday & will finish in here tomorrow, then on to the kitchen & dining room.
  • Daughter is "tired" from her first 40 hour weeks! But, still enjoying the fact she has a job.
  • She already needs things out of her storage unit. In Waco. An hour away. Will need man-help to move things to get to what she needs....
  • A Baylor seminary grad student is trying to help plant a new church in Austin this summer. Amanda worked with him at her on-campus job this past year. She likes the group they have so far, but is checking other churches out, too. Austin Stone for one. (Chris Tomlin's old church & where Todd Agnew & his bride attend). It took her 4 or 5 months to decide on a church home in Waco.
  • Enjoy the fact that my husband is picking a project a day to stay busy. Cleaning garage, cleaning stuff above my cabinets in kitchen, you know, generally driving me a little nuts! But, his stress level has gone to peaceful. I like that.
  • Ted loves to cook. He loves to try new things. Not working really has him wanting to try new things! He can make something out of nothing.
  • Penguins lost Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Game 2 has a lot of time left to play. Then to Pittsburgh for 2 games. (they are in Detroit to start).
It's gonna be a great week.


Paisley said...
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Paisley said...

Trying to stay positive. To be anything else is thumbing my nose at my faith & trust in God and His plans for us.This bullet point really got to me and some of the things I have been dealing with. Mainly the fact that I am miserable in my job right now and how lately I have felt that God is not hearing my prayers. I need to stay positive and know that God is in control. Things are going to work out just as they should. Thank you for posting this.

I will continue to keep you and your husband in my prayers.

Lisa said...

Why is it some of us have to fight so hard to remain positive? I have been fighting that battle daily. It sounds like you and your husband have the right idea. Relax in the yard and read, keep yourself productive getting the things done that you CAN do. Great plan!