Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

I borrowed the above image from my friend, Brody. The Sunday blog everyone waits for. Random thoughts in bullet points, since no one reads blogs on Sunday! (I do).
  • I am going to work the next 3 days. At the pharmacy I was laid off from. It is to fill in while one of the other pharmacist's is on vacation. I am excited. I really miss working.
  • I celebrated 2 years free from pain & muscle relaxer drugs yesterday. Recovery is a wonderful thing. I have met so many wonderful people. I am re-discovering myself. No need to numb myself or the life around me.
  • I just came from a "home show" in one of the newer housing developments in Amarillo. It was put on as a fund raiser for a dear friend who has melanoma and is not doing well. She is a wonderful caterer.
  • Still no jobs for us. Ted went to the State of Washington earlier in the week for a face-to-face interview. Should hear something this week.
  • Went on a West Texas road trip yesterday. With 2 NA friends. We went to Midland (4 hrs away) for an NA regional meeting. I represent the Panhandle area as an alternate. The other person couldn't go. I loved listening to the other 2. They have 25+years between them & have a lot of recovery wisdom to share with a "2" year old. Left at 7am, meeting at 1, finished at 5, home at 9. We did have lunch in there somewhere!
  • Really hot here again today. Broke a record 1 day, tied it another. Was 112 just East of us. That is nuts.
  • Hope the alarm clock still works. (just kidding. Used it yesterday)
  • Need to iron a couple of pairs of slacks. Guess I better get after it! It's too hot to iron.
  • What's for dinner? It's 5:10 & I have no idea. Hmmmm.
Have a blessed week. :)



Lisa said...

Pretty sad that I can't even put enough thoughts together to go random today. I'm not hurting (which is awesome!) but my mind is just not working right.
Have fun working this week! I'll miss your tweets.

Joe Grnat said...

112!!! Yikes! Just throw the slacks on the side walk and they will iron themselves in that kind of heat! Also, fried eggs on the sidewalk!

Prayers for employment!

Pokinatcha said...

People still iron?