Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Note: I did not take the above picture. But, I read somewhere that a picture at the top of your blog brings interest to the blog. Thanks, Picasa for the loan!
It's Sunday (again)! So, what better to do? A post in bullet points.

  • Husband is packing for his 3 day adventure to the NW. He has never been to Washington State. He has a job interview on Tuesday with a Rural Health Clinic in the middle of the state.
  • When he comes back on Wednesday, he flies Seattle > Portland > Dallas. The weird thing is this. My brother, sister-in-law, & niece will be in Portland at a Basketball tourney. They fly today, come home Thursday.
  • The sister to the niece mentioned above, lives about 80 miles from us. She is the woman's basketball coach for a 1A team. She will soon start her 2nd year there. She got married 11 months ago, but has been so busy they haven't had time to drive here for a visit. We went to several games last winter. They came yesterday to grill out. It was great to finally get to meet her husband & get to know him. We visited for hours! Now he wants to come back for more of my husband's cooking and to talk sports!
  • The aforementioned niece & Amanda were born 29 days apart. Nicole is the older of the two and started Kindergarten a year before Amanda. One born in August, the other September.
  • Turned 52 on Wednesday. Don't feel any older. I think age is just a number.
  • Watched fireworks from the front yard instead of walking the 4 blocks to have an unobstructed view. We watched with several neighbors. They were, as usual, fantastic. My 1 neighbor is a great photographer. I should have had him send me 1 of his photos!
  • Amanda's free "celebrity" haircut went well. Giving up her Mon & Tues mornings off for the before & after shots, color, cut, make-up, promotion for the stylist taking over the salon in August. And she had to work her regular shifts of 2-10pm. They were long days, but she had Wed & Thurs off & spent it with friends from Waco, Dallas, & College Station.
  • We will probably go to Austin & then to Waco to help her move from the storage unit to her final destination in Austin. Move-in is in 3 weeks. She has friends with pick-ups.
  • Coming up on 2 years clean. Saturday, July 11th. Wow. Where I was 2 years ago was not a place I'm proud of, but by God's grace, I'm starting to forgive myself. I have to be able to forgive myself, before I can forgive others. Resentments I have against myself are hard. But, I have a great sponsor who is guiding me on this journey. And great friends, too.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. :)



Joe Grant said...

Your two years clean date is also my girl's and my 17th wedding anniversary. We will celebrate all around. However, I think that staying clean is maybe a little harder than staying married. Congrats on your milestone!

Lisa said...

I'm a few days behind on blog reading. I figured out that posting pics on my blog is one of the reasons it gets screwy. So, Master Brody's theory just will not work for me. My stats suck all the time anyway, so whatever. I'm not having a very positive mindset for a Tuesday.