Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Well, it's been a long day, but I now have a few minutes to do that SSS thing that many of us do. Bullet points because no one reads blogs on Sunday. So make it simple!

  • Listening to "Glory Revealed II" while typing. Kind of reminds me of Bart & the "Hymned" music.
  • Going to Austin Friday to move Amanda's stuff from Waco to her very own apartment in Austin. Driving to my brother's on Friday & staying the night. Borrowing his pick-up & meeting Amanda in Waco Saturday morning at the storage unit where stuff has been awaiting her return since graduation in May!
  • She found a great roommate and got to sign the lease without a guarantor (ie Dad). She felt pretty old that day! She's had bills in her name by herself, but not an apartment.
  • Ted was offered the job in Washington. Quincy if you want to see where it's at. Need to make a final decision by Tuesday the 21st.
  • Week has been a blur since I worked 3 days. Just filled in at the pharmacy where I was laid off. It was good to see friends & just work.
  • Got my 2 year medallion on Friday with the friend I went through treatment with. Her 2 years wasn't until Thursday. I always wait for her to celebrate our clean time.
  • Think I'll buy my Jeremy Camp/Natalie Grant/Bebo Norman ticket now. They come here on November 7th (I think). Switchfoot & The Afters are here on a Wednesday afternoon in August. At the park across the street from me! How exciting!
  • Love the Mango Cherry Cooler thing from Sonic. Loads of juice & smushed up pineapple in the bottom. Kind of a pain with the pieces get stuck in the straw, but that does not deter me from drinking it!
In case I don't post next Sunday, don't worry, I'll be back late Sunday. :)



Lisa said...

I can always count on you for a SSS or usually a PPT. Me on the other hand, I don't play along so well. I just never seem to want to write on Sundays. My brain shuts down or something. Even for random thoughts!
Congrats again on your 2 years! Praying that you hear God's voice loud and clear on the job offer.
I'm not sure when the next concert I'll get to go to is. Summer is usually my concert going time, because it's cheaper to hit all the festivals. Oh well. Although, Switchfoot and Flyleaf are both playing at our local fair, so who knows?

Pokinatcha said...

Washington is a beautiful state. You could start drinking a lot of huckleberry shakes there and they are really good. I'll be praying for you guys. That's a big decision to move out of state.