Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stats Suck Sunday

The guy in the middle had a birthday yesterday. Jason turned 50 yesterday. 50!!! Finally I'm no longer alone in this decade. The guy on the left is the baby. Tim. He turned 40 on his last birthday. First, it's amazing that either one is still alive. We haven't been the closet of brothers & sister. The age difference had a lot to do with that. Tim was an "only" child through middle and high school. Time has finally mended a lot. And now I'm 2000 miles away from them. God teaches us things sometimes by knocking us over the head. I still have a goose egg sized bump on my head!!
On to Sunday in bullet points:
  • Haven't turned in a post in a month. 
  • It was also my mother's birthday yesterday. 80. No way! We are somewhat estranged, so no recent pics.
  • Finished my 7 hour HIV/AIDs online course and passed. It is one of the requirements for license reciprocity. Now to come up with the other $500 for the law exam & App fee.
  • Had a Kelly (race) moment this past week. Will have to post soon. Still gathering my thoughts on this interesting revelation.
  • Am in the process of changing sponsors. The one I chose when I moved here hasn't been available. At all. Kind of sad. Thought she was going to be a great choice. I don't think I really prayed about it. Or didn't listen when I should have....
  • Am looking at the Roadshow's schedule for this Spring. Spokane or Tacoma (Seattle). Hmmm.  
  • My sister-in-law is snowed in. She lives in Pittsburgh. And has no electricity. Boo.
  • Ted goes to Seattle for a conference on Thursday. Doesn't come back until Sunday. Boo.
  • Amanda is helping her roommate, Allison, start a non-profit organization. Allison's mother died of cancer in January 2009 and one of her prayers was to be able to help other cancer patients who have no insurance. Amanda helped design the website & get it up & running. They were approved this week for the 501(c)3. Now they have to do a little redesign to meet the government's regs. But, check out what they've already got up:
  • I got my copy of the cookbook for sale on the website. It has a ton of easy recipes. What a great idea for Mother's Day or a birthday. They've already had to order more! And they are doing a Valentine's daycare for parents on Sunday. They have 61 kids already! Such a blessing. 
This is going to be a great week.


bryan said...

I will be praying for you to find a new sponsor, one that will be there when needed and for your sister-in-law here in Pittsburgh. I can't imagine not having power with temps like we are having.

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

I haven't been able to read blogs till today-as my Sunday-Tuesdays are so busy. What is this moment you refer to???? I need to know????

Lisa said...

So nice to hear from you! I just found out that my trip to PA has to be rescheduled thanks to the stupid snow storm. Boo!! This has been the carrot I've been holding in front of myself to keep me going. Now what??
I can't wait to hear your epiphany. I had one myself, but all the pieces just won't gel for me to actually write it out.