Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

It's time for that time-honored tradition. Stats Suck Sunday. Bullet points. Makes it quicker to read on a Sunday when you feel too lazy to read.

  • This a pic Amanda took in Germany in 2006 when she interned for a summer for and iWitness missionary.
  • Ted is flying to the center of the state of Washington for a face-to-face interview next Monday. For the director of a rural health clinic. Long way from home....Prayers, please.
  • Went to a nearby (an hour away) lake yesterday for a little fellowship with other recovering addicts & families. Ted drove & a friend of mine rode down with us.
  • Got a little sunburned on the back of my arms & neck. Thought I was in the shade! Didn't get in the water, but watched others in the water, on the boats, on the jet skis. Lots of good food!
  • Heard a couple of people from the Lubbock area talk about recovery. One was a young (23) lady who is passionate about recovery & the availability of recovery for people her age.
  • Amanda decided she met some women this week that should audition for "Housewives of Dallas"!
  • Had 2 inches of rain in under an hour last night (before we got home) that flooded parts of I-40. It was closed until the water cleared & stranded vehicles were removed.
  • I turn 52 on Wednesday. Sometimes I feel older. A box from Crate & Barrel came, but I'm not allowed to shake it or open it until my birthday. My daughter LOVES Crate & Barrel. Hmmm, wonder who it's from?
  • Wish I was going to DisneyWorld with Evan for my birthday this week! Ha!
  • I can't ride the roller coasters anymore, so not sure about what to do there!
  • We have 5 walk-in closets with 20 years worth of stuff to clean if we have to move. Boo. To both cleaning closets & moving. I don't like change. Especially big changes.
  • Love listening to my Dallas RAWRS. Could listen to Brother Bart all day long. "I love you Lord, and I lift my voice..."
Will try to post a PPT. No excuse for not doing it last week.


Joe Grant said...

Prayers for provisioning and a peace in the process of finding work. I'm right there with you. I applied for a job in Atlanta yesterday - don't want to leave Tennessee probably as much as you guys don't want to leave Texas. I didn't want to leave Texas when I did, but God has been good. Good thing is that He goes before us!

Evan said...

"Wish I was going to DisneyWorld with Evan for my birthday this week! Ha!"
That'd be cool.. i wish I had an RAWRS show to listen too.. :P

Lisa said...

Can you believe I STILL haven't used my drop card?!? I should load it on my ipod before Tuesday for sure. Glad you had a nice time at the lake and the rain held off till you were on your way home.
I'll be praying for the job interview, and that God's will is seen above all else! HE is your provision.

Paisley said...

Keeping you and your hubby in my prayers.

Schromom said...

Hey girl, thanks for checking in at my blog and leaving comments. I'll try to be better as I get more settled.
I had to clean out 28 years of junk so you CAN do it!
I am praying for you guys and hope you have an awesome birthday on Wed.

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

Hey if you move to Washington you will be closer to Mupi and me---well maybe that isn't a bonus hehehehe we could meet up in Idaho Falls for concerts--now thats a bonus =))

Pastor TJ Conwell said...

By the way, I just wanted to thank you for your comment today. I really didn't know your testimony (not sure how but I am kind of dense at times) ... and well, I agree that the Lord has brought us all together for a reason. For everything glorifies Him -- and that's just FINE with me! Be blessed. ~ TJ