Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

It's Sunday. It's Father's Day. It's my anniversary.

  • Father's Day. It's a little sad for me because I am estranged from my parents today. It makes it kind of hard, but the energy I used to put in to worrying about my parents is better used in living my life. For me. For my family.
  • Amanda gave Ted a Roberto Clemente card that he's had his eye on for a while. She called & talked to Ted's buddy that has a sports memorabilia store & I picked it up. He was excited.
  • Today marks 23 years of marriage. It was a beautiful day except it was very windy. Time flies when you're having fun! I can go wild at Barnes & Noble with my present. I got Ted a box of freshly made nonpareils (sno-caps) for his gift. Dark chocolate. Made here in town.
  • He got excited because he thought it meant we were going to the movies! Not today, dear.
  • Long day for me. Meeting at 12:30. Area meeting at 2. Graduation party at 6:30. A friend's son graduated with his Masters over the weekend. In Milwaukee. Party here.
  • Think we are done with rain for a few days! Whew. Could almost hear ark workers this past week.
  • Still no job offers for either of us....
Everyone have a blessed day.



Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! We didn't get Phil anything for Father's Day (or do anything) because, that would mean we spent money,and NOT spending money is our gift to him. He says that's what he wants (us to NOT spend money.) Not sure if he means it or not, but we did NOTHING for Mother's Day, so I guess all is fair.
Today looks busy for you. Hope you find some time to relax.

TJ Conwell said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!! 23 years is an amazing accomplishment!! God bless you both.

Evan said...

Happy Anniversary! (hands you a churro)

Joe Grant said...

Happy Anniversary! 23 years... Awesome! Longevity in marriage is a blessing and a wonderful example!

Be Lifted Higher!!!

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

23 years with a man who has been given to you by God is an amazing gift to celebrate on fathers day!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!