Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

I definitely am not computer savvy. Tried to put a picture of a hammock on the beach at the top of my blog and failed. Five times. I got my toenails up on Tuesday, but apparently photobucket & I do not agree on where I want the picture. Left, center, right. I give up today. But, wait, there's more! I changed computers & went where ALL our pics are. This is of the "Dom" in Cologne, Germany where Amanda interned the summer of 2006. So it's summer, just not the hammock on the beach.....
  • PITTSBURGH PENGUINS WIN THE STANLEY CUP. In game 7, on the opponents home ice. Woo Hoo.
  • Amanda is still the gainfully employed one in the family!
  • Oldest step-daughter a victim of layoffs. She decided to finish her bachelor's. She started back to school June 1st & so far has straight A's. Not bad for 41.
  • Oldest granddaughter tried to sneak a kitten into the house. She just turned 15, but thinks she should be able to do what she wants! It worked for a day. Mom heard this mewing from her room. Ooops.
  • Finished Step 3 with my sponsor. Now onto Step 4.
  • Who cares about the Lakers & the Magic? No one in this house.
  • Love the new JOC CD "The Long Fall back to Earth". Just missed them on today out on Long Island. Food seemed more important. Silly me!
  • I'm excited someone I know made caramel corn today. Has the mailman come with my package yet?
  • It's been 4 weeks since graduation & Amanda is back in Waco. She is one of the hostess' for a Sunday Sundae Shower. It's a couples wedding shower. What a great idea! Keeps the guys interested at least for a few minutes.
  • My daughter thinks I twitter too much! She hasn't said it, but I know I do. Yes, she is using twitter, sparingly! Guilted into it by friends, I think. She tweets at least once a day. Today included a twitpic of the sundae toppings.
  • I wouldn't twitter so much if I were WORKING!
  • My toenails still look marvelous, but my manicure was toast by the 3rd day.
Everyone have a great week and keep our friend, Kelly, in your prayers as she goes before a judge to testify to her inability to continue being gainfully employed due to her disability.


Lisa said...

Heading to the post office soon! The kitty cat thing is too funny. I like the sundae idea. Fun!

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO.....Lakers won! Go LA KINGS! Yep, my hometown teams even though the Kings really stink!

mary said...

I love the kitten story - that sounds like something Missy Strickland would have tried in her younger days! Please tell that sweet girl Amanda "hi" from the Stricklands!