Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

Wow! It worked, it really worked. I stole this benice (be nice) symbol from this guy who really like Positive Post Tuesday. He wants to take PPT to another level by using '+' after tweets, FB entries, comments, etc. The '+' signifies a positive post. Using a '-' means not so positive a post. So here is my positive post for today.
As many of you know I am an addict in recovery. 706 days today. In a little over 3 weeks I will have 2 years. I am very much involved in a 12 step program. I have a sponsor, I attend meetings, I do service work (chair meetings, etc), and I work the steps. Sort of. I have been lax in working the steps. I hate to write. Always hated essay questions on tests. Hated writing term papers. God elbowed me in the ribs a couple of weeks ago and it "suddenly" occurred to me that I needed to get back into the steps. I finished my 3rd step with my sponsor last week and this week started Step 4. I know that in order to retain my sanity, I must be compliant with all areas of recovery. How can I help a newcomer if I'm not helping myself? So, I've started the "dreaded" Step 4. I am excited about it. Most people freak out thinking about doing it. I hope to find some answers as to why, after so many successful years on various pain meds, was this time different. I want to know why I did the horrible & stupid things I did. I don't want to make the same mistake EVER again. What a gift & blessing the 12 step programs are!
I also go to a church-based 12 step program that is a combination of addicts & family members who have the need to understand the addict/alcoholic in their life. It's just on Monday nights. It's a little less structured, but a good group of people looking for answers. Last night a young girl & her significant other were there. For the first time. She stopped her drug of choice a month ago, but didn't know how to keep it that way. We talked after the meeting & I offered to come pick her up today for the meeting I go to at noon. She very much wanted to go. She met some other addicts in recovery & got more phone numbers.
It was a good small group today. From her 30 days clean to a woman with 27 years clean. So much recovery in 1 room! I bought her a "basic text". It has the basics of recovery in it. It addresses the steps & traditions one at a time. A lot of great info. And stories from addicts. Kind of like "Chicken Soup" series stories. Encouragement. Experience. Strength. Hope. She doesn't realize I paid for it yet because she didn't even want me to buy her a soda today! I like the feeling of paying it forward. I'm taking her again tomorrow. I don't normally go Tuesday or Wednesday, but I'm trying to get her to do 90 meetings in 90 days. That's what is suggested for newcomers. It establishes a routine. It gives the newcomer phone numbers. It makes them accountable for the 1st time in a long time. Do I want to do 90 meetings in 90 days? No. Been there, done that! But, I can get her started. She doesn't have transportation during the day. It is a great feeling for me to give back. That's what life is about. That's living life on life's terms. +


Lisa said...

Way to be positive about something most people see in a negative light. I've missed chatting with you the past few days, but what you're keeping busy with is way more important. Keep it up!

Kelly said...

My mother-in-law spent many weeks with me when I was sick-all total it was nearly 5 months out of just under 3 years time. She once told me "just do the same for someone else some day". What she meant was to be there for the person who needs me when they need it the most. So though you don't need the 90 in 90--the fact that you are willing to help her get her 90 in 90 means you are willing to give her what someone helped you get what you needed once. That is the only way you got it when you needed it.--that is awesome.