Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

Haven't done a PPT in a looong time. It certainly isn't because I've been too busy. It's because I've not been as positive as I usually am. The past month has been such a roller coaster. High = Amanda's graduation. Low = Ted losing his job 2 days later. At least it didn't put a damper on graduation.
My positive thing for today is that I used my Mother's Day gift. A mini-paradise day at a local spa. We have a friend who manages & markets it. I got there at 12:15, did a little paper work, selected lunch, and was shown to a massage room.
The massage therapist asked a lot of questions before starting. I liked that since my back is sensitive in a lot of areas. She was great, but in a gentle way. She spent time focusing on my upper & lower back. All those tight muscles! Ahhhh. From there I donned a really sooooft robe and had lunch. There is a little cafe (I'm talking 5 or 6 tables inside, 3 outside) that makes all kinds of artisan breads. They serve wonderful sandwiches for lunch. They also have a hot, blue plate special. And desserts? Oh, my goodness! From choc pie to creme brulee. It's Amanda's fav place to stop at when she's home.
After lunch I was shown to another room for my facial massage & mask. It was heavenly. Never had a facial like that! It was really good, too.
Then on to the pedicure. My first ever! The massage chair just continued the relaxing atmosphere. I went with a hot pink & white polka dots. Amanda hasn't even seen them & she's already embarrassed! Mission accomplished. (hee, hee, hee) Then finally the manicure. My nails are not great, so we just went with a neutral wedding pink color. I really think I've been missing out by waiting so long for a pedicure. My range of motion is so bad that I can't really take care of my feet the way I would like to. I can barely get 1 coat on, let alone polka dots!
It was a wonderful day, but now it's time for the Pittsburgh Penguins to kick a little Detroit Redwings team around the ice. Home ice. White out. Towels waving. Sister-in-law working the game! It's win or stay home (game 7 goes back to Detroit).


Paisley said...

I love the "hot pink & white polka dot" toe nails. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

joseph said...

ou don't mind that I popped in...saw your post over at Brad's and wanted to check out your blog....very nice...

There is nothing better than a relaxing massage...man do I need one right now.

Lisa said...

Love the polka dots! I'm so glad you had a relaxing day. I still have my toes painted in my "cruising color" and I think that's just going to be the color of summer.

Pokinatcha said...

Glad you got a little pampering! There's nothing like a good pedicure and a good massage. Nice toes....now show us some dancing moves and really embarrass Amanda!

Kelly (race_12_1) said...

Pedicures are amazing--when i really need a little luxury in my life that is what I go for--a Pedicure. I am glad you had a day that was focused on pampering you and allowing you to relax and letting others care for you. So often we get so stressed out we forget to let others do that for us (I know I forget). and bravo on the polka dots =)