Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

I'm sitting here taking the Brody Harper challenge. Is it Tuesday already? Have been listened to Jon & Sherry Rivers on Klove. They are celebrating their 19th anniversary. Jon played SCC's "I Will be Here", reminding Sherry they listened to it the 1st time they went out.
Hadn't heard that song in a really long time. I am so thankful for that reminder today. Being unemployed & worrying about financial things is such a human thing. Not that I should slack on paying bills, but give it up to the One is always here. God speaks to us in such a human way. Through a simple song that "just happened" to play. Through the words of someone "just happened" to share in a 12-step meeting. Through the page of the Bible I "just happened" to open. Through the verses a dying woman "just happened" to pick out to have read at her funeral.
NOTHING "just happens". God is so great. He opened up an awesome forum for people from all over during an awesome streaming concert. He brought even more friends into my life for a reason. I was supposed to be at the MM concert that night & hear Bart say we on streaming online. I was supposed to remember the next night. Never had I been part of a chat room. I'm not very computer savvy. God brought us all together for a reason. To share our lives, to encourage each other, and to hopefully touch someone else thru the words God has us type. Now that is AWESOME & positive. Even those that got on with the intention of being complete jerks. We didn't act like jerks back. It was kind of funny. They just said let's move on. And they did. But, not before they got an earful of great music & the words of a wonderful band of worshippers. Now that is positive.

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Lisa said...

I need to think postitively and play along. I'll work on it :) No, seriously today went well. I am just over tired and trying to manage too many things at the same time.