Sunday, December 21, 2008


Really don't have a lot. Been a long week. Still no job prospects, but I know God will provide. I went thru treatment, not only because I was kinda forced into it, but because God had a new chapter for me to work on in the Life thing. It's hard to think sometimes that stealing from an employer would turn into something awesome. Losing your spiritual side really does happen in slow motion. At least for me it did. 18 months ago I was really angry at everyone around me. I certainly wasn't responsible for my actions. But, I was. It just took a little shake-up to return me to the sane world. A world where God was STILL there. How dumb to forget that He never left or abandoned me. It was exactly the opposite. It is such a warm feeling to feel His arms around me again and to know that this is all a part of a divine plan. I just don't know the whole plan. Wouldn't be able to learn if I had all the answers. Christmas is making me feel a little blue, but I must remember the "reason for the season".
On a lighter note, the wedding I went to Waco for was a beautiful ceremony. My daughter looked amazing. Of course, so did the bride! Getting there was a battle. While many flights the last 2 days have been cancelled due to snow & blizzard conditions, the problem on Thursday was FOG. My husband dropped me at airport in Amarillo at 6:30am for a 7:15 flight to Dallas. Then on to Waco by 11. Spend the afternoon with my daughter before she headed off to the rehearsal stuff. Oh, no. Because of fog flight didn't board til 10:15. Didn't leave til 11. Didn't land at DFW. Did fly back west to Abilene to refuel, along with larger jets and others. Actually before I left Amarillo there were flights being diverted here to refuel. Finally landed at DFW at 3:15. 2 flights to Waco cancelled. Finally got on last flight & into Waco at 9:30pm. 15 hours & I was having really bad spasms.
Stayed up & visited. Boy, was Amanda's bed comfy! Got up & visited some more. Then she left for bridesmaid lunch & pics. Wedding at 6. Left me her car keys. Had lunch & came back to change for wedding. Two of her best friends, who have known & dated each other for longer than college, said "I do". The look on the faces & in their eyes was so exciting. It's great when you can marry your best friend & finally call them husband or wife. My daughter cried. They are now on the beach in Antigua! Should make us all a little jealous!
Drove home yesterday (Sat). About 6 & 1/2 hour drive. Only got tired of Amanda's ipod when she decided T.I. was called for. The whole 3rd album. No more shuffle so we heard dif artists! Well, she was the driver. Solution. Get out the headphones & my own ipod! 'cept I got in trouble for singing along with my tunes! It really did go by fast. Now she's home for 3 weeks. Cleaning closets is on tap. She doesn't know that yet.
Told you at the beginning this would ramble. Thanks for your support!


Lisa said...

Don't be blue! Just think, soon the caramel corn will arrive. How soon is the question;)??
Enjoy having your daughter home. Back to the corn.

Pokinatcha said...

Sorry, I must have forgotten that you had a blog! I would've been hating life if it took me that long to get where I was going! At least you are home now and enjoying your daughter!