Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

Just bought Straight No Chaser's (SNC) "Holiday Spirirts" on itunes. They are so soothing. The sound of a cappella is like no other. They formed in college and thought they were pretty much done with music. They came back together for a reunion. One of the 10 members posted videos of their college performances on you tube & well, the rest is history. Over 9 million hits and counting! Their "12 days of Christmas" is unlike any "12 days" I've ever heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fe11OlMiz8&feature=related Check it out along with numerous other clips. None have quit their day jobs yet, but they sure are staying busy with concert dates.
The positive part is their voices make me happy, on days I don't feel that way. I really need to find a job. Am just short of stir-crazy. Anyone hiring recovering addict pharmacists? Therein lies the rub. I have proven to myself that I can go back to that environment and work without the desire for narcotics. That, too, is positive. The treatment and continuation of recovery with the help of a 12 step program and a wonderful sponsor, I am living life on life's terms. Like it or not. Job or not. I know that God has my back and will provide what I need. That's a super-positive thing.
Short PPT, but I did it again.

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Lisa said...

Well done, Shellie! I am so impressed. I have yet to be positive enough on Tuesdays to post about it. Maybe if it were postive post Saturday I would do ok :) I feel like I wasted my unexpected "free" evening. All I got done was my kitchen cleaned. that barely scratches the surface of my list. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.