Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

I guess the most positive thing I can think of today is that the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl on Sunday. What a game!
I made pepperoni pizza and some awesome queso. It was just my husband & I, so I didn't want to make too much. It was just right! And the pizza was great. Didn't make any dessert. Would have loved a brownie, but with just the 2 of us, they get dried out before we can finish them.
Had a great time twittering during the game. Three months ago the word twitter didn't exist in my vocabulary. Now? At almost the same time yesterday two of my twitter friends sent out different articles on where twittering is in the scheme of things. Mainstream or not and when will it become mainstream. Just because a bunch of celebs have @ addresses doesn't mean I'm going to follow them. Doesn't interest me. I want to stay connected with other Christian women (and men). It's great to hear what Christian bands are doing, too. I have made some fast friends through twitter. It is a part of my day. A way to stay connected and encouraged. I may even meet 3 of them at the Rock & Worship Road Show in Dallas on April 3rd. From Little Rock to Amarillo to San Antonio. We met through MM Slob roll and continue to stay connected pretty much every day.
The first time I was on the MM site to watch the concerts streaming live. This guy was telling us to twitter everyone we knew & tell them to join us in the chat room. What is twitter I asked? The rest is history. It's not about the numbers to me, it's about the connection. It's about being lifted up in prayer when needed. It's about every day struggles and encouragement from people I've never met. It's about our kids, our families, our jobs (or lack thereof). It's one of the positive forces in my life.
The funny thing about twitter? My husband thinks I've lost my mind. He has finally accepted my twittering. Kind of like he's accepted my recovery! My daughter just thinks I've lost my mind. I think her concern is that I will twitter someone she knows and embarrass her. She doesn't twitter (as far as I know) but she has a few friends that do (because they're in the dc*b). I promised her I wouldn't follow their twitters. I can respect that. Our worlds overlapping is just too much for her, I guess!
Keeping my spirit up while job hunting is hard some days. I would much rather be working than working to find a job! It doesn't pay much! I know so much is my own doing. I broke that trust that employers put in me and it's hard for them to accept that I am a recovering addict. I have to prove it, but they still don't understand. I know God has the perfect place for me, but I'm so impatient! I must stay vigilant in my recovery and my walk with God. His hands are always there, whether I can feel them or not. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks.


Paisley said...
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Paisley said...

I love your blogs, I wish I could write as eloquently as you do.

We made brownies last week and they were gone within 24 hours. Desserts don't last long around my house. I'm like you when it comes to Twitter, its not the numbers for me. I actually prefer to keep mine small its easier to keep up with and to connect with new friends. I read all my friend's tweets. When I come in from work each day I log in and read all the ones I missed just so I can stay up to date. I also like to keep up with the christian bands.

My hubby and my son think I'm a bit goofy for Twittering and Facebook. They'll probably think I've lost my mind when I create a blog. I will admit it does take a lot of my time but I like it.

Who knows maybe one day our paths will cross too.

Lisa said...

Way to stay positive! I really want a brownie now.

Pokinatcha said...

You should have made the brownies and froze what you didn't eat!
My husband is used to my computer antics. He knows had it not been for twitter I would have missed Mark Lee and Mac Powell in Hawaii!
As far as the celebs go, I like to check out their twitter page and kind of be nosy. As for following them, I don't have a need to. I follow a couple and it's just liberal garbage and self promoting stuff. The whole Hollywood community totally turned me off after the 2000 election. I wish they'd all shut up and just do what I pay them to do....make movies or sing songs. I don't want to hear their mumbo jumbo!

Oh, you should be able to do the Mr. Linky thing, It's pretty easy.