Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

After yesterday's celebration of life for our friend, Gerry, who passed away last Wednesday night from an unknown cause, I needed some real positive news. Almost forgot it was Tuesday. We did see a lot of friends we haven't seen in a while at the funeral yesterday. It was great to reconnect. It just wasn't the right way to see them. Good stories & good times. There was even a BBQ last night. It's what Gerry wanted!
My positive news is about our other friend, Robert. With a not-so-good prognosis, Robert's condition seemed somewhat hopeless. Didn't get to the hospital yesterday with the funeral. Ted came home & said they were talking about taking Robert off the vent today. They had tried that last week, but Robert couldn't tolerate it. Got to the hospital about 12:30 this afternoon & they had extubated Robert! He was breathing on his own! PTL. Prayers from so many have been so helpful.
He still has a badly damaged heart. He still has wires & tubes everywhere. He still has a balloon pump helping his heart pump, but it too is being backed off, to see if his heart can do it's thing. He responded well to commands. Nodding his head yes & shaking it for no. (duh). He can't move too much because of the balloon pump, but he is over a big hump.
Another positive is that I picked Amanda up at the airport on Friday. She flew home to be a D-now leader for her home church. She had the 6th grade girls. They had 130 kids total (middle thru high school); the most ever. She has such a heart for this kind of work. She will be bored if she can't find the right church after graduation! We picked her up after church Sunday & Ted cooked a great Sunday dinner before we headed back to the airport. And we see her again this weekend. We're going to Dallas to cash in her Christmas present. A hockey game between our Pittsburgh Penguins & the Dallas Stars. Pittsburgh was last in Dallas 2 years ago. They won. We even had seat around some other Pens fans.
My last positive thing. Warm & no wind outside today. It's February, not May. But, I'll take it. This is the day the Lord has made and it is good.

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Lisa said...

I admire how you found some positives in such a trying week. I'm trying to stay positive (and standing upright) through this lousy head cold. Not nearly life threatening like what your friend is going through! Just makes it hard to do the mom, wife, teacher thing. I'm supposed to go to book club tonight, and even read my chapters and made cupcakes. Now,I just don't know if I can swing it. Soooo tired and feeling bad. No temp today though. That's good.
Hey, I found a positive! Oh, and I made dinner for the fam without setting anything on fire. Another positive.