Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Today is not just another Sunday. It's Super Bowl Sunday! The Steeler Nation is alive & revived. The terrible towels will be waving all across the stadium in Tampa.
  • Steeler football is mighty.
  • You can never have too many terrible towels.
  • There is never enough queso for my chips.
  • I make a mean pizza.
  • I have my lucky Steeler socks on. But, not my #43 Polamalu jersey.
  • My husband is already a nervous wreck (but would NEVER admit such an emotion).
  • My step-daughter found some really fun you-tube videos this week about the Steeler anthems. And even how to say Polamalu!
  • Still no job.
That's all, at least until the game is over. Short & sweet. Besides, I gotta go do some stuff before the game. :)


Lisa said...

Please explain the terrible towel phenomenon to me. I asked my husband and he didn't know. I wish I could have some of your pizza!

Lisa said...
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Pokinatcha said...

Congrats on your Steelers win!