Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Last week when I tried to do the "cool" thing & pull the guidelines for SSS from this guy's blog, it didn't look right, so this week if you have any questions, go here. This has been a tough week, so I apologize if any of seems sucky.
  • A great friend, Gerry, died this week. 56 years old. Younger than my husband. Pneumonia. It's just wrong. Funeral is tomorrow.
  • My husband's other good friend, Robert, is still in CCU. In critical. 56 years old. Prognosis not so good.
  • I should have better prepared Amanda before I took her to see Robert on Friday. He is hooked up to about 10 IV's, a ventilator, a balloon pump, just to mention a few. She did better today.
  • My brother's mother-in-law went home after 2 weeks. She begins chemo in a couple of weeks.
  • On a brighter side. Amanda was home for the weekend to be a leader of 6th grade girls for her home church's D-now weekend. I think in 10 years she has forgotten what it's like to be 12!
  • No SSS next week for me. Driving to Dallas Saturday to meet Amanda for a hockey game on Sunday. The Pittsburgh Penguins come to play the Dallas Stars. It was all she asked for at Christmas. She is her daddy's little girl!
Thank-you to those who have been prayer warriors these past couple of weeks. You have given me a calm I couldn't haven't gotten anywhere else.


Pokinatcha said...

Hard week! Praying for you guys!

Paisley said...

I'm so sorry you all are going through this. I'll keep you and your family as well as your friend's family in prayer.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you have something to look forward to next weekend. It's been a rough week for you and your family. Many people are praying with you though this.