Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

Here it is, Tuesday. What is positive? Well. The Rock & Worship Roadshow begins 2 weeks from tonight!!! I am so excited that I am going to skip my usual Tuesday night meeting, so I don't miss a thing that 1st night. My husband doesn't realize I'm getting ready to committ to this tour like I did last fall. He really thinks I've lost my mind! He has finally accepted that I am going to Dallas on April 3rd; my daughter hasn't, but that's her problem. It's exciting to think about meeting fellow twitterers. All because of the plan laid out by this guy. He is bringing the world together through the internet! It's a rockin' thing to be a part of.
I really tried to pay attention this past weekend to the streets around the American Airlines Center so I can do it by myself in a month. My daughter did all the driving & my husband rode shotgun. The police really have it organized before & after an event. Mapquest & igoogle maps are my friends!
The other positive thing is that our friend that suffered the massive coronary 2 & 1/2 weeks ago is in a regular room today! He came off the vent a week ago, the balloon pump Tuesday night, and most of the meds that had been keeping him alive. It is truly a miracle. The doctor said the latest tests show only 23% of his heart is damaged-not 70%. He was not expected to leave the hospital on the day he was admitted. I can never thank people enough for the prayers for this man they did not know. I have so many new friends & they are dear friends-even though we've never met. We have become a part of each other's lives. This is the future of relationships, I think. The internet has provided a forum from which we do develop relationships. And they are true & good.
It has been a good day. Even though I griped about doing laundry. My husband usually does it so I don't kill my back, but we were gone on Sunday (normal washin' day). I swear my dryer has the lowest & deepest hole to reach in to! I sometimes have to get a hanger to reach the stuff at the back! But, it's done & so am I today.

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RaquelTWG said...

Hey just wanted to comment on everyone's PPT posts!
You're SO lucky to be able to go to the show...poor Florida was neglected this time. Hope you have a great time!