Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Good Sunday morning. It's time to throw out some bullets. It's all this guy's fault!
  • I'm in Dallas for a hockey game between the Dallas Stars & the Pittsburgh Penguins. We are Penguin fans. It's all Amanda wanted for Christmas.
  • It's chilly in Dallas. I wanted warmer weather. I think it's nicer in Amarillo.
  • I definitely chuckled when I checked this silly guy's SSS. He is a real nut when it comes to fun pictures.
  • I still don't have a job. I may apply to be a census taker person. I think that is a scary job.
  • I'm getting excited for The Rock & Worship Roadshow to get started! What a great line-up.
  • The above means a road trip back to Dallas on April 3rd. Hopefully meeting up with AkayaLivin4JC & silly4him (and her husband). And possibly katwomane327. We have never met; except thru twitter (and previous MM concerts on-line).
  • Heading to the mall. Imagine that! Then the game at 2pm. Then out to eat somewhere in Dallas.
  • Ate at Pappadeux last night. It was spectacular. It's fun to come to the BIG city. Once in a while.
Talk to you all during the game. Have a great day!

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Lisa said...

Have a great time at the game. Did your husband at least let you look in the window at the Coach store? I already have a job and someone called me about a totally different opportunity. Talk about scary. I'll have to chat with you about it sometime this week.