Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Is it Sunday? Already?! It has been a busy week! Following this guy and The Roadshow can keep a person busy; if I let it.
  • Still no job. Lots of calls after I updated my resume on Monster, but just recruiters calling for more info.
  • Have been having a wonderful time on RSTV 4 nights already this week. One more show tonight before a 3 night break. A lot of new people have been joining in. It's great!
  • My husband, once again, thinks I've lost my mind! Why doesn't he understand? It is such a great time of fellowship.
  • Unemployment reviewed my previous 2 weeks and decided I was eligible for benefits in that time period. Doesn't help stop the "phone calls" yet. 4 weeks will pay at once this week. Maybe I can get caught up. It's giving me nightmares. Just surrender all. It's that easy.
  • My daughter decided that it's too expensive to graduate (in less than 2 months) from college. Why? I asked. The price of announcements and the cap, gown, and tassel. I didn't send her to Baylor for her to think a few more dollars is gonna matter now!
  • No job for her yet, either, but she had 2 different interviews with Dillard's this week. One in Waco & one in Houston. For internship positions.
  • Spring is here. Woke up to sunshine & blue skies. By 11am it was overcast & kind of gloomy. I want 70 degree days and NO wind (unheard of here).
  • Saw a sign: "I promised myself this would be a good day". Actually God promises every day will be good if we just surrender our will! Why is that so hard sometimes? I want it NOW, God. Don't you understand? Surrender leads to freedom. What's better than that?
Be sure and check out The Rock and Worship Roadshow website. These guys have worked so very hard to bring us FREE online concerts. Check the dates and times and join us for a live feed.


Paisley said...

We just discussed surrendering in Sunday school this morning. We got into some very deep discussions about how hard it is to just let it go and trust God. I know I struggle with this too. I hate questioning my faith but there are times when I wonder why God is not answering my prayers or if he even hears them. Deep in my heart I know he does hear me but its just so hard at times when things just are not going good. I'm like you I want it now and don't understand why. I am trying so hard to surrender all because I know when I do that my life will be so much better. One of the ladies in my class mentioned a book that she is reading that is about surrendering all to God. The title is "When I Lay My Isaac Down" and it sounds like a good book. I am gonna look for it this weekend so I can read it. Shellie, I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

thisiskristin said...

Hope your daughter can find a job.. and you too! It's a rough economy right now.

Lisa said...

I'm a whole week behind?!? How did that happen?
I need to get my act together.