Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is a reminder that Indian Summer in the Texas Panhandle is OVER. It was 76 degrees yesterday. The famous panhandles winds started roaring about midnight Wednesday. And just for Sarah: it was 30 this morning with a windchill of 15! It has warmed a little and the wind has died a little. I think it may be 40 now. My hands are so cold I'm having trouble typing. Not really. : ) The weather in Hawaii, however, is 84, feels like 86. Keep my cold hands in your prayers, Pokinatcha.


Lisa said...

It is currently 28.8 degrees here near the Windy City. I don't even want to factor in the wind chill. All I know is I'm stinkin' cold!!

Pokinatcha said...

Too funny! I'll shoot up a prayer for you when I'm at the beach this winter! But trust me it gets cold here! I really thought I'd never be cold again when we moved here! I was so wrong. My blood is so thin now!