Saturday, November 22, 2008

Job hunting

It was very sad to walk out of the store last night. The economy is hitting hard with everyone. Even pharmacists. I had a wonderful send-off. All of my techs made wonderful Mexican pot luck. From homemade chicken enchiladas, to homemade tortillas, to fajitas, to beans, to spanish rice, to Italian Creme cake (well it wasn't all Mexican). It was great to work with such dedicated people. Small pharmacy with customers that have been coming in for 30 years and 2 generations of families. Independent pharmacy is a tough thing to do right now with the BIG GUYS who offer Rx's for $4. It's hard to compete with that.
Not a good time for no job with Christmas right around the corner. I know it's not all about gifts, but with 5 grandkids 1200 miles away, it's hard to not think about gifts. This will be their first Christmas without their other grandparents. They lost their lives in a car accident in February-on their way to babysit for them.
I'm sounding kinda crybabyish this morning. I'm not really. I'm just a little sad. It's hard to find a job when your license is on probation. I am so glad God has my back, even if I'm seeming to question who's in charge anyhow.
I am so glad for the MM friends that I have made in the past 2 weeks. My goodness, God opens up the world when we least expect it. From Indiana to Hawaii. Who would have known? I go to see MM 1 night and have great new friends the next. Thanks to God for using MM & Brody Harper & the folks at ustream who wanted it to be the best broadcast.
Maybe I'll go make some PB cookies right now. Thanks, Sarah.

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Lisa said...

I'm feeling weepy this morning too. I was having a pity party for myself, but the stuff you're dealing with is way more real and life altering than the stuff I'm dealing with. Thanks for reminding me that He's got my back too. I've been praying for you, and will continue to do so.
Good luck with the job search. I'll pray that you find great favor every place you apply, and that you will have your choice of job opportunities.