Sunday, November 30, 2008

Living Life without Sunday's with Bebo & MM

Just as it was hard for Brody to get up this morning & rejoin his regular Sunday gig, it was hard for me to not be in a chat room full of MM fans tonight. It is a little bit of a letdown, but if I let it go to far am I not a little too groupie? My husband & daughter thought I'd lost my mind! I'm glad I didn't (lose my mind)!
The last time I lost my mind, I was caught stealing drugs from my employer. Who would ever employ a pharmacist who got caught stealing from the candy store? Two wonderful people in the past year have given me an opportunity and I thank them for their braveness. I don't even know who that crazy girl was. Someone in physical pain, who has found she was also in spiritual pain. What a hole in my life there was; or so I thought. Thank God there is a God who has always been there, just waiting to hear that cry of surrender. There was never a hole in my life, just some wacky brain freeze that lasted a little too long. The physical pain is still there. Too much nerve damage for it to be repaired. I will never be "normal" but I can continue to grow spiritually and pay it forward. I love to pay it forward.
I am so sore from "fluffing" my artificial tree. I am allergic to the scent of real ones. I think I'll hire a fluffer for next year! Will do a little each day-with help from my wonderfully patient husband. Too, bad Amanda had to go back to school. It was great to have her home for a few days.
There are so few days at home left. She will graduate in May and fall who knows where. Dallas, Austin, or Cleveland. Only God knows. I am flying to Waco on the 18th to go to 2 of her best friends marrying each other. She is a bridesmaid. God brought them together as freshman-the 2 friends had known each other for a long time-mix in a few others & a forever group was formed. She has a forever group from high school, too. She's finding it harder for all of them to get together even during holidays. She told me not too long ago, that she didn't want to grow up! I think it's happening. I told her it was a little late, that at 22 she was almost there!
Phones ringing, she must have arrived back in Waco. Oh, I had a point when I brought up the wedding. I am riding back for 7 hours with her. What wisdom shall I enlighten her with. There's not much time left for those mom/daughter talks. I guess there will always be time, but they won't be in-the-car-in-your-face moments. Cherish them. Wisdom. God help me out.
Miss all you SLOBbers. It's a quiet Sunday night.


Paisley said...

I understand what you mean about your daughter growing and having the talks. My son is 32 and they grow up way to fast. My son is an only child and we are very close. He is a single dad raising his 8 year old daughter. I know I am biased but he really is doing an amazing job in raising her.

My son had some very close friends from high school and I thought they would all stay together. For the most part they did until some things occurred which I will not bore you with the details, other than to say he has about 2 of them left with only one being really close.

Friendship is a wonderful thing and I hope your daughter and her friends remain close forever.

Lisa said...

Ha! As I was reading this post, MM's "You Reign" came on the radio. How appropriate!
I feel like my girls are growing too quickly, and I'm missing moments. Have a safe trip!
I'm counting down the days and hoping MM can figure out how to broadcast the Christmas show.