Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

Am trying to stay positive (and prayerful) for Bart & Shannon Millard. (Mercyme frontman & wife). They have a sweet baby girl born in December, Sophie, who has contracted RSV. She has been in the hospital several days & had to be moved to ICU overnight. Keep them in your prayers. Those of us who spent the month of November following the MM crew as they toured on live, streaming video, became acutely aware of Sophie's impending birth. Daddy loves those kids! Bart kept us posted via twitter. Who does that? What a love for their fans! Gotta love twitter!
Some mmSLOBs are calling for prayer & fasting tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 28th. Do what you can to lift this family up. I know they feel the power of our prayers. "We" is so much stronger than "me".
Went up the icy road to the TWC (Tx Workforce Commission) this morning. Mandatory job training when applying for unemployment benes. Was really, really BORED. And I get to go back again tomorrow for Part II. What joy, what fun. But, we need the income.
Please, does someone need a recovering addict Pharmacist? I am really in recovery-18 months clean. Working on Step 3, serving in several areas, and being a sponsor, too. Have worked at 2 independent pharmacies and have good references. And I'm really fun to work with. Try me, you'll like me! :)
Amanda got her 1st request for an interview letter this past week. Woo, hoo, the job hunt starts! I am excited for her. She still has so much to give to the people of this world. Both intellectually and spiritually. She loves kids, she love sports, she loves serving the Lord anywhere He puts her. Even as children's church director (volunteer position) while carrying a full load her last semester and working at the Student Life Center on campus.
Amanda just texted from work. She just set up a time for the interview in Austin!! Friday, this week. It's a marketing firm that does event planning for sporting events. They are trying to hire 12 new people because of growing business. Keep her in your prayers. Thanks.
Guess that's it for today. As I finish listening to Addison Road's "Hope Now". "your love sets me free".


Paisley said...

Amanda sounds like a wonderful young lady. I will keep her in my prayers.

Lisa said...

Sounds like things are going well for Amanda. That's great! If I needed to hire a pharmacist, I would totally hire you!