Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Year has officially started

How can starting a new year be so exciting and a big letdown at the same time?
  • Still no job prospects, but I stay encouraged. If I am working my 12 step program and "establishing a matter of authority" each day, how can I not stay encouraged.
  • Can't remember where I saw this is the past couple of days, either twitter or someone's blog, but it should be the mantra of all. "Aspire to inspire before you expire". If I could just live my life according to the way Jesus did, I can be inspiring to someone every day.
  • Have seen a lot of "whining" today, not only because it's Monday, but many people have gone back to work after being off over the holidays. I wish I had work to whine about!
  • The Steelers play San Diego this weekend. Can hardly wait.
  • Ole Miss beat Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. That was unexpected!
  • I have met some wonderful people through this internet thing. I just wish I lived close enough to meet them.
  • My daughter will graduate from COLLEGE in May. Seems we just had a graduation party when she graduated high school in 2005. Where did these 4 years go? My wonderful teenager is now 22 & has lived on her own for 3 years already. Hard to say, but my baby has grown up.
  • Even with all this encouragement, I somehow feel down. Maybe meeting with my sponsor tonight will help with that. Maybe paying attention to what I have read and typed today will help lift me up.
  • Sometimes it's hard to pray when I'm feeling like this, because I don't feel worthy of God's grace. It's so parallel to the way addiction "speaks" to a recovering addict. The evil in this world so wants to rule my life and I do not want that. I am worthy. I know that, but that "little voice" is sometimes so darn loud.
  • I haven't seen my parents in 2 years. They live about 7 hours from me & I am expected to be the one to come to them. Yes, they are 78, but they travel with a 5th-wheel 4 or 5 months out of the year, so they are able-bodied (for the most part). Why not stop here? We can't always take vacation days at the last minute to come for the weekend. It goes both ways. I could go on, but that really isn't my focus today. It is some of the reason I'm a little down, though.
  • A friend is reminding me via twitter, to "count it pure joy, when the world comes crashing". The song by MM, "Alright". Gave me a smile. Thanks, Evan.
  • I really am excited about growing in my walk with God and so excited for all the new input I'm getting from all my friends, both internet & NA friends. I am a beautiful child of God.

2009 will go as God has planned. It is up to me to listen for the directions. Why is that so hard sometimes. Because I'm human. As a human, I will make mistakes, I will forget to listen, but God will NEVER go another direction. He always has my back; to catch me when I trip & fall along the path. Thank goodness.


Venango Volunteer Fire Dept. said...
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Anonymous said...

"Count it pure joy, when the world comes crashing.. hold you head up and keep on dancing!" :)

Lisa said...

I'm a whiner I guess. Good thing we have Evan to remind us of good times. Keep on dancin'.

Pokinatcha said...

I just want to encourage you with your parents. Ya, it does works both ways and your Mom's difficult. You are the Christian (don't remember if you said she was ever saved). Be the bigger person. They are 78 and may not have that much time. You won't want regrets and our Lord is about restoring relationships. I know from experience. Keep praying about it and God to soften their hearts.