Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

It is Super Sunday!!!!!!
  • Steelers win, Steelers win.
  • Does anything else matter?
  • Wore my Steeler socks today, guess they are luckier that my Polamalu Starter shirt.
  • Have about 6 terrible towels to pick from; 5 or 6 gold, 1 black.
  • Even have the green weanie if needed. (don't ask)
  • Had THE best chicken noodle soup last night. Broth frozen on Thanksgiving from boiling the carcass with veggies. And making homemade egg noodles. My sore forearms are proof of how thin those noodles were. mmmmm.
  • What a weekend. ALMOST every visiting team won. One guess on who did not!!
  • Baltimore in Pittsburgh for 2nd time this season. Next Sunday. Don't be late.
  • Steelers beat Baltimore twice already.
  • Yes, this guy's team beat the Steelers this season. Not to worry that they got beat by Baltimore yesterday. \0/ \0/ \0/
  • Am wondering, just ever so little, why do I not have a job? I know part of it is that God is trying to teach me humility right now. I really hate those kind of reminders. I relate it to weakness. I know it isn't, but it sure feels that way sometimes.
  • Why must I be so stubborn & resistant to change? Because I need to be in control? I do not. I just need to listen and learn.
  • Oh, and in case you forgot....STEELERS WIN,STEELERS WIN!!!!
  • Learned something new about my blog. I linked 2 little words to somebody else's blog! Woo,hoo.
Everyone have a wonderful week & remember: STEELERS WIN, STEELERS WIN. : )


Pokinatcha said...

Congrats, cause I haven't figured out how to do that yet!

race_12_1 said...

Good job learning how to do links!!! I love links--in case you have never noticed on my site. =)) They can come in very handy at times. I cannot bring myself to "cheer" for anyone other then the Giants.....but I will say the Steelers have a great chance given whose left in the mix.

Lisa said...

Linking to things was one of the first (and apparently only) things I learned how to do on my blog. I'm glad your team won. Yeah for you! I hate football. Pretty much all sports really. I will watch a hockey game every now and then.
Hope you're having an up day.