Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

What lies ahead in this new year, 2009? I have read 4 or 5 blogs today and chaired an NA meeting at noon. That God thing is happening today. Everything to me had a theme. It's ok to be excited & plan ahead, but stay vigilant that it is God's plan, too. I sometimes get so caught up what I'm doing I forget to ask God is this what I'm supposed to be doing!?
My biggest plan is to find a job. Where does God want me? I don't know, but I must remain vigilant in my listening for Him. I must guard against those "little voices" that could destroy my plans.
My daughter will graduate from Baylor in May. I am excited for her and what she will be doing 6 months from now! It's scary for her & me, but again she must remain vigilant and listen for God's plan. It may not be what she wants to do, but I know she will end up where God wants her to be. She is focusing on the Dallas area. She wants to do event planning type stuff with her degree in Marketing. Keep her in your prayers.
Repairing relationships is another "wish" for the New Year. Not damaged because of my addiction, but a parent with a hard heart. It seems to harden more with each passing year. She has missed 1 grandaughter's graduation from college (my niece in May) and the same grandaughter getting married (in August). She is on track to miss my daughter's graduation. Because she's mad at me. Over something petty. She loves to make herself miserable and it's hard sometimes not to get caught up in her drama. There, again, is the need for vigilance. I cannot go down in flames. I will not go down in flames. But, it's hard. I want so bad for her to accept her mistakes & turn them over to God. I can't make her do anything, but I can pray for her. It's her choice, not mine. I don't understand, but I must trust God has His reasons. Keep her in your prayers.
Stay vigilant and remember to never let that guard down. God has our back, so don't forget He's right there, right now, for always.

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Lisa said...

You're on the right track! Thanks so much for keeping me positive. Lately I have been so negative in my thinking and that seeps out into everything I do. The fact that you are staying positive and leaning on God with all the things you are dealing with, challenges me to do the same. Thank you, friend!