Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stats Suck Sunday

Steelers Win, Steelers Win!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steelers win the AFC and are marching back to the Super Bowl in Tampa on February 1,2009.
  • When the Steelers win the Super Bowl they will become the most winning team in Super Bowl history.
  • Loved it when my man, Troy Polamalu, intercepting AND taking it in for a touchdown!
  • Still no job. Applied for unemployment this week. Never have done that before.
  • Attended our Area NA meeting today and was nominated for a small regional position. It's amazing what happens sometimes. One of those God things. Again! So many opportunities, I just have to pay attention.
  • Now I have to attend Area, instead of flipping a coin every month. It is also highly suggested to attend Regional meetings every other month. Our region is HUGE. Next meeting is 7 hours away. Gotta love West Texas. Especially cuz it's so far east it's almost in Austin. My husband thinks I'm just a little nuts!
  • Can't get 3D's song "Revalation" out of my head. Love the words to that song. I so feel I haven't got a clue so much of the time.
  • Wish there were some Christian concerts closer than 4 hours away (OKC) this spring. Dallas is 6 hours, Albuquerque is 5 hours. That stinks.
  • Gorgeous week ahead. Still no winter here. 15 to 20 degrees above normal all week long. Only had the one small snowstorm back on December 9th or 10th. Only precip in about 3 & 1/2 months.
Sometimes I hate "living life on life's terms". There are good days & bad, but no longer a blur. I celebrated 18 months without pain meds this past week. That's a long time in addict time. So many people have been in & out of the program in 18 months. Some have never come back. That's why I love to give back to the program. If I reach just 1 person, that is a victory.
Have a great week. Until next SSS.....

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