Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

I've decided to make my PPT like SSS:
  • Steelers won on Sunday (in case you didn't read my SSS on Sunday)
  • My friend Lisa has her "hot list" on Total Axxess tonight. I've got a prior commitment, but another friend is recording it just for me. \0/
  • We are still above normal for our winter temps, unlike much of the country. So little moisture that burn bans are in effect.
  • My daughter is in her final semester of college (we hope). She just left Friday to go back to school. It was her last long stay at home (we hope).
  • Still no job prospects, but I believe I am supposed to be learning about humility. As a teenager, my parents struggled financially. I lived humbly then, but as I became my own person I forgot about those lean days. Until now. I hate feeling inadequate. Continuing to take those steps of faith is so important. God is good and He alone will walk step for step with me. What a great peace that gives me.
  • I get great encouragement from friends I've never met. From Hawaii to Nebraska. From Indiana to Florida. From all over Texas. Thanks.
  • I also find great solace in the variety of music I listen to. Including MYNH. I'm always up for music I've never heard!
  • My greatest peace comes when I just stop and listen. When I stop and remember who's arms I've got around me. The One who's arms are big enough for us all. The One who knows my every need. Feels my every sadness. Rejoices in my leaps of faith.
  • It's almost time for Wordless Wednesday. Whew!


Lisa said...

way to be positive! I for one, am proud of you. I don't know if I'll get one up today or not. I'm really tired, and need some down time (with Jack Bauer!!)

Paisley said...

This is a really good positive post. I know God has great things for you and I know He will send a good job your way when the time is right. I'll keep you in my prayers.