Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

Inauguration Day, 2009.
It doesn't matter anymore who you voted for, we must keep in prayer this new administration! Everyone has their opinion, but as this guy reminded us earlier today, not to set our expectations on this new President too high.
Something I have learned in recovery is just that. Setting expectations too high will be followed by a big letdown. I have had to relearn how not to set those expectations so high. It is through prayer and working the steps that is working for me. Being such a self-centered and selfish person only leads to disappointment. It's how an addict likes to live. With life in chaos. Nobody can do things the "right" way. I am so glad that I don't live that lie of a life anymore!
Expectations are still needed. I still need to set goals for myself. If I don't, I have nothing to achieve. It has been hard to "scale back". I want to achieve much more in my life. God is there every step, never leaving my side. He has given me such a blessed life in recovery.
My prayers for this new administration is just such a life. We must not expect things to change by tomorrow. Many people have already put unattainable expectations on Mr. Obama. That is so ridiculous! He is not going to change things overnight like many think. Tomorrow is a new day, but no laws will change effective tomorrow. I am tired of people saying that. Mr. Obama is the new President. Pray for him, as you would for any President. He is just a man. Not a scary man. Give him a chance before condeming his ideas.

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Lisa said...

I actually watched the ceremony today, only because the school was watching it. Good reminders.